Humpbacks: From Fire to Ice

Humpbacks: From Fire to Ice

Ross Isaacs
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  • EAN 9398710870282
  • Title Humpbacks: From Fire to Ice
  • Format Blu-Ray (Region B)
  • Year 2009
  • Studio ABC
  • Genre Documentary
  • Run Time 52
  • Director Ross Isaacs
  • Producer Stan Esecson, Ross Isaacs
  • Cast David Attenborough
  • Classification General


“Take an extraordinary journey with one of nature's majestic giants of the sea - the humpback whale. Humpbacks - From Fire to Ice follows a mother and her calf on their perilous 12 month journey across the Pacific Ocean from Hawaii to Alaska and back again. During this 12 month journey, the calf learns the way of the whales and how to survive in an underwater world ruled by cunning and ruthless predators. Each winter, up to five thousand humpback whales arrive at the Hawaiian Islands. Expectant mothers come to give birth after carrying their baby for nearly 12 months. Nearby the 45 ton humpback bulls are performing - not only do they sing the loudest and longest songs on the planet but they also power through the water at 20 kilometres per hour in pursuit of female whales to mate with. Eventually the time arrives when the humpbacks must take their great journey, a trek across the Pacific Ocean to the humpback summer feeding grounds - the Inside Passage of the Alexander Archipelago in South East Alaska. Waiting for their arrival are more scientists determined to understand more about them. The whales are now part of a Pacific-wide study to find out where humpbacks go, what they do and maybe even why they do it. The nutrient rich Alaskan waters are plentiful with plankton, krill and herring. Whales keep feeding until winter approaches, their signal to migrate to warmer waters. It's time for the whales to return to their home in Hawaii and mother and calf set off on their last journey together.”

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Humpbacks: From Fire to Ice