King Kong

King Kong

John Gullerman
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  • EAN 5050582712186
  • Title King Kong
  • Artist Jeff Bridges
  • Genre Drama
  • Format BLR (Region 4)
  • Director John Gullerman
  • Producer Dino De Laurentiis
  • Cast Jeff Bridges, Jessica Lange, Charles Grodin
  • Classification Mild coarse language and violence
  • Year 1976
  • Run Time 134


Dino De Laurentiss remake of the original hairy monster movie features remarkable special effects by academy award Winner Rick Baker. A ruthless oil company executive (Charles Grodin) a scientist stowaway (Jeff Bridges) and a beautiful woman rescued from the sea (Jessica Lang) form an uneasy alliance when they stumble across a remote island peopled by a mysterious tribe and the ape god they worship, Kong. The decision to capture Kong and take him back to New York sharply contrasts mans greed and cruelty with the selfless devotion of Kong, even to the climatic encounter at New Yorks World Trade Centre.

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King Kong