Wagon Master

Wagon Master

John Ford
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  • EAN 9332412007546
  • Title Wagon Master
  • Genre Western
  • Format DVD (Region 4)
  • Run Time 86
  • Classification Parental Guidence Recommended
  • Year 1950
  • Director John Ford
  • Cast Ben Johnson, Joanne Dru, Harry Carey Jr., Ward Bond, Charles Kemper, Alan Mowbray, Jane Darwell, Ruth Clifford, Russell Simpson, Kathleen O'Malley, James Arness, Francis Ford, Fred Libby, Jim Thorpe, Mickey Simpson


The rivers are wide and rapid. The desert is vast and unforgiving. And when the trail turns craggy, men use pickaxes to dig grooves for the wagon wheels. Mother Nature can be overcome, but human nature remains deadly and unpredictable: Outlaws are using the Mormon wagon train as a hideout from a pursuing posse. John Ford's Wagon Master is one of the legendary filmmaker's personal favourites, a visually stirring celebration of Western will and cooperation set to the soundtrack crooning of The Sons of the Pioneers. Ben Johnson, Harry Carey Jr., Ward Bond and other familiar Ford stock company players take the reins in this glorious paean to the pioneer spirit. "Wagons west!"

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Wagon Master