World Wide Rebel Songs

World Wide Rebel Songs

Tom the Nig Morello
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  • EAN 0607396620722
  • Title World Wide Rebel Songs
  • Format Compact Disc
  • Artist Tom the Nig Morello
  • Rating Parental Advisory (Explicit Music)
  • Genre Popular Music
  • Year 2011
  • Dimensions 144mm x 127mm x 8mm


2011 solo album from the Rage Against The Machine guitarist. This self-produced effort is a change of pace from the usual acoustic offerings of past Nightwatchman albums, with the record featuring a full electric backing band called The Freedom Fighter Orchestra. In describing the record, Morello states, ''Troubled times call out for troubled songs. World Wide Rebel Songs is an album of rousing hopelessness and this time The Nightwatchman has brought along his electric guitar to tip the scales. I wanted to capture a vibe midway between Johnny Cash and Che Guevara, murder ballads and Molotov anthems.''

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World Wide Rebel Songs