Jeep Grand Cherokee Silver by Zimbler

Jeep Grand Cherokee Silver

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  • EAN 0050227160049
  • Title Jeep Grand Cherokee Silver
  • Brand Zimbler
  • Model ZI160004


A shining silver streak of a race car boasting high end technology. Rev'd and ready to roll and then some! You'll feel the power when you're the lucky one driving. Differential gears, pneumatic tires on shiny chrome rims, full-suspension body for an impressive off-road performance, authentically detailed headlights and brake lights shine bright. A convenient, two speed mode makes it easy to control the Jeep wherever it roams. Set it down and you're cruising top speed in the direction of big fun. Indoors or outdoors full-function steering lets you maneuver in every direction possible. Move in backward and forward directions (six unique angles altogether), with just a simple touch of the sensitive controls. Always ready for action, Jeep Grand Cherokee Silver includes a high power battery and quick recharger for the best of both worlds - short recharging times and extremely long running times. And if you forget to turn off your Jeep, no worries. After 30 minutes, the unit shuts off a valuable feature indeed. Jeep Grand Cherokee Silver High end technology in an impressive Carrera race car Car length: 13 inches Top Speed: up to 21 km/h max. Top Power: 2-speed mode with additional turbo gear Top Technology: full function steering (forward and backward in any direction) Fully functioning front and rear lights RC Tri-Band Technology for no-interference play Short recharging period - extremely long running time Long running times up to 40 minutes; short recharging time approx. 80 minutes 7.4V-700mAh Li-Ionen battery, 8.4V-500mA charger Includes car, control set, battery, power pack, recharger Auto off mode: Unit shuts off after 30 minutes of standstill Ready to run from the minute you get it!

Product Features

Radio Control, Top Speed: up to 21 km/h max, Includes car, control set, battery, power pack, recharger.

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Jeep Grand Cherokee Silver