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Tiny Love 3-in-1 Rocker (Heather Grey)

by Tiny Love

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  • Change positions with ONE CLICK
  • Relief position with rocking motion
  • Provides a cozy environment
  • Entertaining &soothing with music & lights
  • Stable mode option
  • Lightweight & portable
  • Machine washable padded seat
  • Calming vibrations
  • Adorable soft pals
  • Easy parental access with adjustable toy arm

  • ONE-CLICK SHIFT: Easily converts with just one click.
  • 3 RECLINING POSITIONS that are perfect for playing, exploring, feeding and, later, tasting solids in a convenient position.
  • NURTURES COMMUNICATION: Raised angle offers an excellent position for enjoying some face-to-face time with baby, talking, communicating and bonding.
  • COZY & PROMOTES EQ: Uniquely designed rocker that soothes babies with a cozy environment and calming rocking movements that support baby's development of EQ.
  • ENCOURAGES FINE MOTOR SKILLS: Cute hanging toys amuse babies, encouraging them to practice their grasp and hone their fine motor skills.
  • SAFE & COZY ENVIRONMENT features soft pad with raised borders and premium fabrics.
  • Patented product

Age Tips:

  • 0-3 months - Quiet time alone is important for baby's development. Let your baby enjoy the gentle rocking movement of the 3-in-1 Rocker while gazing at the musical electronic toy.
  • 3-6 months: PRACTICING FINE MOTOR SKILLS - Move the Rocker's hanging electronic toy close enough to baby's palm to help practice fine motor skills, first by simply raising hand and batting at the toy and later by grasping and pulling.
  • 0-6 months: HELPING WITH COLIC & DIGESTION - About a fifth of all babies suffer from colic. The 3-in-1 Rocke's soft vibrations help babies' immature digestive system and ease their discomfort.
  • 0-6+ months: PERFECT FOR COMMUNICATION - The Rocker's versatile seat gives parents a wonderful opportunity to communicate and bond with baby.

Modes of Use:

  • Reclined: Relaxing - The reclined position, with the soft pad and raised borders, makes for a safe and cozy environment.
  • Rock & Play: Helping with Reflux - The Rocker's rock & play position is not only about fun and games - this angle can also help babies who suffer from reflux digest more easily.
  • Versatile Seat: Playing, Communicating & Feeding - The versatile seat position lets baby enjoy playing with an electronic toy that plays a selection of 9 tunes suited for play or rest, or enjoy some face-to-face time with parent. Later on, this is an excellent angle for your baby to sit in while tasting solids.

These are the key Developmental Wonders that this product can encourage in your baby:

  • EQ - The cozy bouncer with its clearly-defined borders, calming music and light vibrations create an ideal womb-like environment the envelops and soothes baby while supporting the development of EQ.
  • Senses - The colorful toys, captivating lights, soft vibrations and soothing and playful music all stimulate baby's senses and encourage sensory development.
  • Fine Motor Skills - When babies reach out and attempt to bat at the hanging toys they practice and hone their fine motor skills and learn eye-hand coordination.

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Tiny Love
Heather Grey
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