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Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Baby Food Steamer Blender

by Tommee Tippee

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Every moment you spend with your baby is precious, so hours spent preparing meals and cleaning up may not be high on your list. The Tommee Tippee baby food steamer blender makes it really easy to prepare healthy meals with less mess.

Product Features:

  • Steams to preserve nutrients. The Tommee Tippee baby food blender steams fruit, vegetables and meat preserving nutrients and flavour.
  • Blends to a range of textures (all weaning stages) The baby food blender is suitable for all stages of your baby, development - start with small amounts of pureed food, to - more chunky textures, to bigger portions for an adventurous toddler.
  • No transfers, no waste. Once a steam cycle has finished, the unit will automatically blend meaning no decanting is necessary between steps. Easy to use.
  • All Tommee Tippee tableware is BPA-free for total reassurance.
  • Easy to use. Set steam and blend functions easily using intuitive interface. Baby safe.
  • Box includes: 2x pop up freezer pots and spatular.

Product Details

Tommee Tippee

Product Reviews

30 Jul, 2019
Love this machine, it has been a god send for making all natural food for my bub.
By Emily
26 Jul, 2019
So quick so easy all in one job saver
By Jen
01 May, 2019
By Geannine
29 Mar, 2019
Love it. But it is quite noisey and the steam to blend function is great but it did scare me the first time I used it cos it does a little blend every 2 mins, (scared my baby too who screamed the house down)I just manually do the steam then the blend, works perfectly.
By Amy
25 Mar, 2019
I love it to the bits, never thought I could b that easy
By Tanveer
18 Mar, 2019
By Paramdeep
28 Feb, 2019
I have struggled to know how long to steam food for so therefore purees have been quite watery. No instruction manual came with it so that was disappointing. Once I've worked it out a bit more I think it will be great!
By Kath
10 Feb, 2019
Love my baby food steamer blender, saves so much time and the consistency is always perfect
By Jessica
23 Dec, 2018
This is the best invention and I’m so happy with it. Being so easy to make fresh baby food for my little one in next to no time, I would strongly recommend it to others!!!
By Melissa
02 Dec, 2018
I don’t understand why I fill in the water but it’s leaking from the blender machine
By Vicky
15 Nov, 2018
By Katie
05 Aug, 2018
When using the steaming function, the water tank releases 50-100 ml of water to the food jar, making it more like boiling as food was soaked in water. I need to pour out some water from food jar every time before blending the food. This was not as convenient as described. But over all, it is a good product and easy to use
By Dan
06 Jun, 2018
By Lois
21 May, 2018
Such a time saver! Plus much safer than having boiling water on the stove. Really easy to use and clean and I use it for the entire family...I just take out our steamed veggies/fruit before I blend it for bub.
By Emily
26 Apr, 2018
This is a massive time saver and a neat and tidy way of prepping bubs food each day. The only thing i would change is having a removable water container instead of taking the whole machine to the sink to empty. Otherwise, it's great!
By Jason
25 Apr, 2018
Wonderful product and great buy!
Wish I knew a little more about blending times though, as over pureed the first batch of food. Working with it more, you learn quickly!
By Chantal
11 Apr, 2018
By Fatima
26 Sep, 2017
Brilliant product. Only downside is the fact it only does small amounts. Apart from that it is great!
By Melissa
25 Sep, 2017
By Andrew
23 Aug, 2017
By Rebecca
01 Aug, 2017
Fresh and healthy food in mints
By Prince
24 Jul, 2017
By Aimee
17 Jul, 2017
By Samantha
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