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My iPhone

Utilizing a "learn by doing" approach, this guide includes only the background and technical detail needed to make the iPhone do what users want it to. Lots of full color step-by-step instructions guide readers from iPhone novice to master.
My iPhone
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My iPhone, Second Edition Step-by-step instructions with callouts to iPhone photos so that you can see exactly what to do. Help when you run into the few iPhone limitations. Tips and Notes to help you get the most from your iPhone. Full-color, step-by-step tasks walk you through getting and keeping your iPhone working just the way you want. The tasks include: / How to use all the essential features of iPhone 3G such as the cell phone, visual voice mail, conference calling, and contact information. / How to add network connections and switch between them; surf the web using full-featured web pages just like on a computer; and receive and manage your email, from all your accounts, including Microsoft Exchange, wherever you are. / How to configure MobileMe to keep all your contacts, email, and events current on your device wirelessly. / How to use an iPod and and iTunes 8 to listen to music and podcasts or watch movies, TV shows, and music videos. / How to take quality photos and view them, email them, or transfer them to a computer. / How to find, download, install, manage, and use thousands of iPhone applications.
/ How use Maps to find any location, plan a route to it, and then track your route with GPS. / How to customize the way iPhone looks and works with your own wallpaper, Home screen button layouts, ringtones from your favorites songs, and more. CATEGORY: Apple Digital Media COVERS: Apple iPhone USER LEVEL: Beginning-Intermediate Quote from front cover. "As easy as the iPhone is to admire and use, Miser unlocks all of its secrets and offers frank, useful advice for getting the most out of the most amazing product of this century (so far!)." --Mark A. Kellner, Technology Columnist, The Washington Times
Brad Miser has written extensively about technology, with his favorite topics being the amazing "i" gadgets, iPhone and iPod, that make it possible to take our lives with us while we are on the move. In addition to My iPhone, Brad has written many other books, including Absolute Beginner's Guide to iPod and iTunes; Sleeping with the Enemy: Running Windows on a Mac (digital Shortcut); Special Edition Using Mac OS X Leopard; Absolute Beginner's Guide to Homeschooling; Teach Yourself Visually MacBook Air; and MacBook Pro Portable Genius.He has also been an author, development editor, or technical editor on more than 50 other titles.He has written numerous articles and has been a featured speaker on various topics at Macworld Expo, at user group meetings, and in other venues. Brad is or has been a sales support specialist, the director of product and customer services, and the manager of education and support services for several software development companies. Previously, he was the lead proposal specialist for an aircraft engine manufacturer, a development editor for a computer book publisher, and a civilian aviation test officer/engineer for the U.S. Army. Brad holds a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering from California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo and has received advanced education in maintainability engineering, business, and other topics. In addition to his passion for silicon-based technology, Brad likes to ride his steel-based technology, also known as a motorcycle, whenever and wherever possible. Originally from California, Brad now lives in Brownsburg, Indiana, with his wife Amy; their three daughters, Jill, Emily, and Grace; and a rabbit named Bun-Bun. Brad would love to hear about your experiences with this book (the good, the bad, and the ugly).You can write to him at .
P Getting Started with iPhone... 3 Touring iPhone... 4 Getting to Know iPhone's External Features... 4 Knowing Why It's Called a Multi-Touch Interface... 5 Preparing iTunes... 13 Using MobileMe with iPhone... 17 Using this Book... 23 1 Making, Receiving, and Managing Calls... 27 Configuring Phone Settings... 28 Creating Your Own Ringtones... 28 Setting Phone Sounds... 31 Configuring Phone Settings... 33 Other Phone Settings... 36 Making Calls... 36 Dialing with the Keypad... 37 Dialing with Contacts... 38 Dialing with Favorites... 39 Dialing with Recents... 40 Managing In-Process Calls... 41 Receiving Calls... 46 Answering Calls... 46 Answering Calls When You're Already on a Call. 48 Managing Calls... 49 Working with Missed and Recent Calls... 49 Adding Caller Information to Favorites... 51 Using iPhone's Headset for Calls 52 Using Visual Voicemail... 52 Recording a Greeting... 53 Listening to and Managing Voicemails... 55 Getting Information About Your Cell Account... 61 2 Managing Contacts... 65 Configuring How Contacts Are Displayed... 65 Getting Contact Information onto iPhone... 67 Moving Contacts from MobileMe or Exchange Accounts to iPhone... 67 Moving Contacts from a Windows PC to iPhone 69 Moving Contacts from a Mac to iPhone... 70 Creating New Contacts While Using iPhone... 71 Creating Contacts on iPhone Manually... 78 Using Contacts on iPhone... 87 Changing or Deleting Contacts... 89 Changing Contacts via Syncs... 90 Adding or Removing Information for an Existing Contact Manually... 91 Adding Information to an Existing Contact While Using iPhone... 93 Deleting Contacts Manually... 95 3 Listening to Audio and Watching Video... 97 Using iTunes to Add Audio and Video Content to iPhone... 98 Importing Audio CDs to the iTunes Library... 98 Purchasing Audio and Video from the iTunes Store 100 Renting Movies from the iTunes Store... 103 Subscribing to Podcasts in the iTunes Store... 104 Building Audio and Video Playlists... 106 Building Audio and Video Smart Playlists... 107 Moving Content from the iTunes Library onto iPhone... 111 Using the iTunes Store Application to Add Audio and Video to iPhone... 115 Downloading Audio Content from iPhone's iTunes Store Application... 116 Listening to Music... 119 Using the Cover Flow Browser to Find and Play Music... 119 Using Playlists to Find Music... 122 Using Artists to Find Music... 124 Using Genres to Find Music... 126 Using the More Menu to Find Music... 128 Playing Music... 129 Viewing Albums... 131 Controlling Audio Content with the iPod Control Bar 132 Configure the iPod Control Bar 132 Use the iPod Control Bar... 133 Finding and Listening to Podcasts. 134 Finding and Watching Video... 136 Finding Video... 136 Watching Video... 137 Deleting Video... 138 Customizing iPhone for iPod... 139 Building and Editing an On-The-Go Playlist... 139 Using the iPhone Genius... 142 Configuring iPhone's iPod Toolbar... 145 Configuring iPhone's iPod Settings 146 4 Connecting to the Internet, Bluetooth Devices, and VPNs... 153 Connecting to the Internet... 154 Connecting to the Internet via Wi-Fi Networks... 154 Connecting to the Internet via 3G 165 Connecting to the Internet via EDGE... 167 Connecting to Bluetooth Devices... 167 Connecting to VPNs... 170 5 Emailing... 175 Configuring Email Accounts on iPhone 176 Using MobileMe to Configure Email Accounts on iPhone... 177 Syncing Email Accounts with a Windows PC... 179 Syncing Email Accounts with a Mac... 180 Configuring Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, or AOL Email Accounts on iPhone Manually... 181 Configuring Other Email Accounts on iPhone Manually... 183 Performing Advanced Configuration of Email Accounts on iPhone... 187 Configuring Exchange Email Accounts on iPhone Manually... 191 Configuring General Email Settings 194 Configuring How Email is Retrieved... 194 Configuring Global Email Settings 196 Managing Email Accounts... 200 Changing Email Account Configurations... 200 Disabling Email Accounts... 201 Deleting Email Accounts... 202 Working with Email... 203 Receiving and Reading Email. 203 Sending Email... 207 Replying to Email... 211 Forwarding Email... 212 Viewing Messages in a Folder 218 6 Surfing the Web... 221 Configuring Safari Settings... 222 Moving Favorites or Bookmarks from a Windows PC to iPhone... 225 Moving Favorites or Bookmarks from a Windows PC onto iPhone via Sync... 226 Moving Favorites or Bookmarks from a Windows PC onto iPhone Using MobileMe... 227 Moving Bookmarks from a Mac to iPhone... 228 Moving Favorites from a Mac onto iPhone via Sync... 229 Moving Bookmarks from a Mac to iPhone Using MobileMe... 230 Browsing the Web on iPhone... 232 Moving to Websites via Bookmarks... 232 Moving to Websites by Typing a URL... 234 Viewing Websites... 236 Searching the Web... 238 Returning to Previous Websites 239 Saving and Organizing Bookmarks... 240 Creating a Bookmark on the Home Screen... 247 Emailing a Link to a Webpage 248 Completing Web Forms... 250 Opening and Managing Multiple Webpages at the Same Time... 251 7 Text Messaging... 255 Configuring the New Text Message Sound... 257 Sending Text Messages... 258 Receiving and Replying to Text Messages... 261 Working with Text Messages... 262 Conversing in Text... 263 Clearing a Conversation... 265 Deleting a Conversation... 266 8 Working with Date & Time and the Calendar 269 Configuring iPhone's Date, Time, and Calendar Settings 270 Using iPhone as a Clock... 275 Telling Time with iPhone... 275 Using the Clock Application... 276 Setting and Using Alarms... 279 Changing Alarms... 282 Managing Alarms... 284 Using iPhone as a Stopwatch. 284 Working with Calendars... 287 Syncing a Calendar with MobileMe on a Windows PC... 288 Syncing a Calendar with MobileMe on a Mac... 289 Syncing iPhone's Calendar with a MobileMe or Exchange Account... 290 Configuring iPhone Push Calendar Syncing... 291 Syncing iPhone's Calendar with Outlook on Windows PCs... 293 Syncing iPhone's Calendar with iCal on Macs. 294 Using iPhone's Calendar... 295 Adding Events to the Calendar by Accepting Invitations... 304 9 Taking, Storing, and Viewing Photos... 309 Taking Photos with iPhone... 309 Moving Photos from a Computer onto iPhone... 312 Moving Photos from a Windows PC onto iPhone 313 Moving Photos from Email onto iPhone 316 Viewing and Working with Photos on iPhone... 318 Viewing Photos Individually... 318 Viewing Photos as a Slideshow 321 Deleting Photos from iPhone. 325 Using a Photo as Wallpaper... 326 Emailing a Photo... 327 Assigning a Photo to a Contact 328 Sending a Photo to MobileMe. 331 Moving Photos from iPhone to a Computer... 332 10 Working with iPhone Applications... 337 Using iTunes to Find and Install iPhone Applications 338 Downloading Applications from the iTunes Store 338 Moving Applications from Your Library onto iPhone 340 Using the App Store to Find and Install iPhone Applications... 341 Using iPhone Applications You Install 346 Maintaining iPhone Applications... 347 Removing Applications from iPhone 351 Finding Your Way with Maps... 353 Finding a Location by Searching 353 Finding a Location with Bookmarks... 356 Finding Your Current Location. 359 Working with Maps... 361 Getting Directions... 364 11 Customizing iPhone... 369 Customizing the Home Screen... 370 Accessing iPhone Settings... 373 Using Airplane Mode... 373 Configuring General Sound Settings 374 Setting Screen Brightness... 376 Setting Wallpaper... 377 Configuring General Settings... 378 12 Maintaining iPhone and Solving iPhone Problems... 391 Maintaining iPhone... 391 Maintaining iTunes... 392 Maintaining iPhone's Software 394 Maintaining iPhone's Power... 396 Cleaning iPhone's Screen... 400 Solving iPhone Problems... 400 Restarting iPhone... 401 Restarting the Computer and iTunes... 401 Resetting iPhone... 402 Restoring iPhone... 404 Reinstalling iTunes... 406 Getting Help with iPhone Problems... 407 TOC, 0789738236, 9/23/08
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