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Pearson Mathematics

Level 2a - Stages 4 and 5 is for students working at Level 2 and covers Number and Algebra, Geometry and Measurement, and Statistics.
Pearson Mathematics
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There is a very good philosophy behind the new Mathematics and Statistics curriculum. The aim of Pearson Maths is to bridge the gap between that document and classroom practice. The series emphasises real situations for using and applying mathematics. Level 2a - Stages 4 and 5 is for students working at Level 2 and covers Number and Algebra, Geometry and Measurement, and Statistics. Level 2a and 2b help students to move from counting to solve problems to beginning to use their basic facts and place value knowledge. There are new chapters covering geometry and measurement topics. Mathematics is all about solving problems and not about doing pages of sums so these books provides plenty of opportunity for students to put their mathematical knowledge to work in real contexts across all the strands. Two major features of these books are the mini projects and the challenges. Mini projects: These are open-ended mathematical applications. Teachers need to be able to stand back and behave as facilitators rather than controllers. Children need to be allowed to make mistakes; trial and error is a recognised problem-solving strategy.
Likewise the ability to communicate in mathematics is important and the mini projects allow for a variety of ways of communicating. They allow the children to apply their mathematical vocabulary, signs and symbols. Challenges: These are an added motivation for generally, but by no means exclusively, the more able students. Teachers Guide: The Teachers Guides are the centre of this series. They provide a framework and developmental structure to the teaching of mathematics. Each unit specifies particular Achievement Outcomes taken from the Mathematics and Statistics Curriculum. Each chapter has specific learning outcomes. They provide the teacher with some guidance on how to go about teaching specific objectives. The Guides may give suggestions on how to introduce a concept or provide ideas on how to extend or give further practice. A copy of each pupil's page is included in the Teachers Guide as an aid to planning specific activities.
Charlotte Wilkinson helps teachers develop exciting Maths programmes in their schools. She has an Honours degree specialising in the teaching of Primary Mathematics, combined with 20 years classroom experience, of which 7 years were at senior management level, followed by 4 years working with teachers on the Numeracy Project for the University of Waikato. She offers professional development and training in the teaching and learning of Primary Mathematics. Charlotte also designs and publishes Wilkie Way Numeracy Products.
Charlotte Wilkinson
Pearson Education New Zealand
Level 2A
Place of Publication
Auckland, N.Z.
Country of Publication
New Zealand
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Pearson Education New Zealand

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