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Coal Mining Kinks

Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork.
Coal Mining Kinks
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Preface The kinks gathered together in this book appeared in the regular issues of Coal Age. They were originally contributed by men in the coal-mining and kindred fields after their value had been proved in service, so that the reader should feel no hesitancy in constructing any of the devices he may see fit to use. The compiler is indebted to Power, the Engineering and Mining Journal, and the American Machinist for permission to use kinks which were originally published in those journals, but which should serve a useful purpose in the coal-mining industry. 369917 Coal Mining Kinks Sharpening Drills for Bad Ground Sometimes when a miner encounters seamy or broken ground, especially when it is composed of hard, shattered rock, the ordinary drill, sharpened as shown in Fig. 2, does not give good results, for Fig. 1. Showing Drill As It ShouldBe Sharpened Fig. 2. The Old Way of SharpeningA Drill the edge is frequently driven into a crack and it is practically im- possible to loosen or remove the drill. This difficulty may be overcome by sharpening the drill as shown in Fig. 1, where, it will be seen, the corners have been turned back so that the cutting edge assumes a curved outline. Such a drill point as this will not wedge in ordinary cracks and will thus prevent sticking. The operation is not laborious. A few strokes of the black- smiths hammer upon each wing of the cutting edge of the drill will put a sufficient curve in it to prevent sticking of the tool in any circumstances which are not exceptional. And the few moments spent in turning the edge will savemuch time and incon- venience in operation. Home-Made Boring Jack Coal Mining Kinks In mine work it is frequently necessary todrill vertical holes in the roof. For the spads in engineering work a brace and bit will usually suffice where the hole does not exceed in. in diameter and 3 or 4 in. deep. But where deeper holes of greater diameter are re- Fig. 1. Simple Boring Jack quired for the insertion of trolley hangers, signal or telephone wires or any wiring that has to be hung from the roof, the drilling is often laborious and slowby the ordinary method, particularly sowhen the roof strata are flinty or tough. A drill built on the lines of the ordinary lever-jack, as illustrated, although requiring two men to do the work one at the drill and the other at the lever will be found to expedite the work. Furthermore, if properly constructed the device may easily be moved from place to place, one man being able to carry the outfit, which Coal Mining Kinks is a decided advantage when drilling is to be done in a roadway where hauling is going on. Holes closely bored in the uprights and lever and protected by metal bushings to prevent undue wear, with an efficient and easily removed cotter-pin, obviate any possible difficulty in driving the hole reasonably straight. The occasional adjustment of the lever in or out, up or down, neutralizes the tendency of the pressure The Drill Ready for Operation point to describe an arc, and thereby prevents the bit from binding in the hole. Another drill is illustrated in Fig. 2 which is less cumbersome, and can be operated by one man. The mine blacksmith should have no trouble in con- structing it. The outfit weighs only 30 to 35 lb., allowing the operator easily to carry it from place to place. The materials needed consist of several feet of round or square iron diameter, bent intothe shape to 1 in. in of an ex- aggerated tuning fork with a steel pick point at the foot to give a good hold in the bottom and prevent rapid wear. a com- Propulsion is accomplished by mon coal or rock-drill thread bar with the bit-socket cut off and a crank welded on...
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