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Further Techniques for Coaching and Mentoring

  • Paperback
A practical guide to the knowledge and techniques you need for successful coaching and mentoring. It includes chapters that focus in on techniques for the client, techniques for the coach/mentor and techniques for working on the relationship between coach/mentor and client. It is suitable for coaches and mentors.
Further Techniques for Coaching and Mentoring
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Building on the success of companion volume Techniques for Coaching and Mentoring, this new volume from coaching gurus David Clutterbuck and David Megginson is a practical, pragmatic guide to the knowledge and techniques you need for successful coaching and mentoring. Rather than adopting a particular school of coaching or mentoring, the authors pick the best from a range of models and frameworks that have developed since the first book published to help you enrich your practice. Further Techniques also features a new structure to make it more reader-friendly, with Part 1 putting the techniques into context, Part 2 covering the frameworks in eight contributed chapters and Part 3 including broader chapters that focus in on techniques for the client, techniques for the coach/mentor and techniques for working on the relationship between coach/mentor and client. A selection of leading figures in the field contribute their techniques and models to the framework chapters in Part 2, taking you through the necessary principles and offering practical advice for newcomers and seasoned professionals alike.
Offering a wide portfolio of approaches for helping and developing others, this book is an invaluable resource for all coaches and mentors and a must read for anyone wanting to learn more about one-to-one coaching and mentoring. Edited by David Megginson and David Clutterbuck. Contributors: Gladeana McMahon, Marion Gillie, Daniel Doherty, Megan Reitz, Alan Sieler, John Groom and Vivien Whitaker.
Professor David Clutterbuck is one of Europe's most prolific and well-known management writers and thinkers. He has written more than 40 books and hundreds of articles on cutting edge management themes. Co-founder of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council, David also runs a thriving international consultancy, Clutterbuck Associates, which specialises in helping people in organizations develop the skills to help others. David is perhaps best-known in recent years for his work on mentoring, on which he consults around the world. David has been responsible for the implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of highly successful mentoring and coaching programmes in numerous organisations around the world, including Standard Chartered Bank, Goldman Sachs, and Nokia.
Part I: Contextualizing techniques 1. Introduction Part 2: Frameworks 2. Cognitive behavioural coaching 3. Coaching approaches derived from Gestalt 4. The transformative power of ontological coaching 5. Developing intuitive awareness 6. The discovery of 'Writing as inquiry' 7. Mindfulness mentoring and the listening coach 8. Offering creative choices in mentoring and coaching 9. Techniques for coaching teams Part 3: Different foci for coach/mentoring techniques 10. Client focused techniques 11. Coach/mentor focused techniques 12. Process focused techniques 13. Conclusion: what we have learned about the place of techniques
"This book presents the reader with a deeper look into techniques and practices that influence and support coaches and mentors. Whether you are experienced or a novice in the field, you will find opportunity for exploration, reflection and learning as a coach, a mentor and a human being." Diane Brennan, MBA, FACMPE, ICF Master Certified Coach, Executive and Leadership Coach, Tucson, Arizona, USA "A number of different chapter authors describe various coaching frameworks in use. That is something that I welcome because coaching needs to be expansive and also to be able to suit different coaches and clients. After all we are all different and we all need to be authentic, so we each need to find our preferred way. The two Davids are stalwarts in the field, and I am sure their new book will not disappoint you." John Whitmore, Executive Chairman, Performance Consultants International "Especially helpful is part 3 which looks at coaching/mentoring through the three lenses of client, coach and process, where the chapter on this latter deals with the ambivalences and uncertainties of coaching/mentoring relationships in a way that will help novice and experienced practitioners alike. A valuable addition to the coach's bookshelf." Ken Smith, Coaches in Government Network
David Clutterbuck, David Megginson
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