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Humanities Alive 1 2E Student Workbook

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Humanities Alive 1 2E Student Workbook
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The complete Humanities Alive 1 Second Edition series includes the Humanities Alive 1 Second Edition Student Workbook which provides a comprehensive range of worksheets to support each chapter of the student textbook and can be used in class or for homework. The student workbook features fill-in worksheets which students can tear out and submit to the teacher as well as worksheets covering visual learning, thinking skills, literacy, subject specific skills and the ability to summarise the chapter content and to self-evaluate their learning.

CHAPTER 1 Uncovering the past.
Worksheet 1.1 Then and now.
Worksheet 1.2 Sorting sources.
Worksheet 1.3 In my opinion.
Worksheet 1.4 My life so far.
Worksheet 1.5 What is a civilisation?
Worksheet 1.6 PMI chart.
Worksheet 1.7 What happened when?
Worksheet 1.8 What happened here?
Worksheet 1.9 Crossword.
Worksheet 1.10 Summing up.
Worksheet 1.11 Looking back.

CHAPTER 2 Ancient Egypt.
Worksheet 2.1 Living on the Nile.
Worksheet 2.2 Creating fact files.
Worksheet 2.3 Flow chart.
Worksheet 2.4 Who did what?
Worksheet 2.5 Making a living.
Worksheet 2.6 Linking lives.
Worksheet 2.7 Pyramid builders.
Worksheet 2.8 Cleopatra’s entanglements!
Worksheet 2.9 Crossword.
Worksheet 2.10 Summing up.
Worksheet 2.11 Looking back.

CHAPTER 3 Ancient Greece.
Worksheet 3.1 Who? When? Where?
Worksheet 3.2 Fact or fi ction?
Worksheet 3.3 Ways to govern.
Worksheet 3.4 Be there!
Worksheet 3.5 Who would you like to be?
Worksheet 3.6 Odysseus in pictures.
Worksheet 3.7 Analysing primary sources.
Worksheet 3.8 Analysing a visual source.
Worksheet 3.9 Crossword.
Worksheet 3.10 Summing up.
Worksheet 3.11 Looking back.

CHAPTER 4 Ancient Rome.
Worksheet 4.1 The Roman Empire.
Worksheet 4.2 Big and tough!
Worksheet 4.3 Roman sea power.
Worksheet 4.4 Republic rejected, Empire embraced.
Worksheet 4.5 A Roman journal.
Worksheet 4.6 Masters of technology.
Worksheet 4.7 Reliable sources?
Worksheet 4.8 They’re racing!
Worksheet 4.9 Crossword.
Worksheet 4.10 Summing up.
Worksheet 4.11 Looking back.

CHAPTER 5 Ancient China.
Worksheet 5.1 Going it alone!
Worksheet 5.2 Pictures tell the story.
Worksheet 5.3 Choosing a way.
Worksheet 5.4 A great wall.
Worksheet 5.5 Changes in China.
Worksheet 5.6 What was life like for the Han?
Worksheet 5.7 Just palatial.
Worksheet 5.8 Appreciating Chinese art.
Worksheet 5.9 Crossword.
Worksheet 5.10 Summing up.
Worksheet 5.11 Looking back.

CHAPTER 6 Geospatial skills.
Worksheet 6.1 A bird’s eye view.
Worksheet 6.2 Using map legends.
Worksheet 6.3 Which way?
Worksheet 6.4 Understanding scale.
Worksheet 6.5 Grid skills.
Worksheet 6.6 Making graphs.
Worksheet 6.7 Barossa bike ride.
Worksheet 6.8 Creating a map.
Worksheet 6.9 Crossword.
Worksheet 6.10 Summing up.
Worksheet 6.11 Looking back.

CHAPTER 7 The Asia–Pacific region.
Worksheet 7.1 Landforms galore!
Worksheet 7.2 Our landform features.
Worksheet 7.3 Interesting biomes.
Worksheet 7.4 People power.
Worksheet 7.5 Threatened environments.
Worksheet 7.6 Wondrous rice.
Worksheet 7.7 Sudden disaster.
Worksheet 7.8 People on the move.
Worksheet 7.9 Crossword.
Worksheet 7.10 Summing up.
Worksheet 7.11 Looking back.

CHAPTER 8 Deserts.
Worksheet 8.1 A dry world.
Worksheet 8.2 Understanding deserts.
Worksheet 8.3 Where will the desert be?
Worksheet 8.4 Our dry continent.
Worksheet 8.5 Desert landforms.
Worksheet 8.6 The living desert.
Worksheet 8.7 Worth visiting?
Worksheet 8.8 Desalination — the solution?
Worksheet 8.9 Crossword.
Worksheet 8.10 Summing up.
Worksheet 8.11 Looking back.

CHAPTER 9 Endangered species.
Worksheet 9.1 A worldwide problem.
Worksheet 9.2 Disappearing habitats.
Worksheet 9.3 Illegal wildlife trade.
Worksheet 9.4 Panda profile.
Worksheet 9.5 Possum protection.
Worksheet 9.6 Managing elephants.
Worksheet 9.7 Our own crisis.
Worksheet 9.8 Unwelcome visitors.
Worksheet 9.9 Crossword.
Worksheet 9.10 Summing up.
Worksheet 9.11 Looking back.

CHAPTER 10 Money for life.
Worksheet 10.1 Money in, money out!
Worksheet 10.2 Life of a $10 note.
Worksheet 10.3 You can bank on it!
Worksheet 10.4 Paying your bills.
Worksheet 10.5 What about the cheque?
Worksheet 10.6 Borrowing money.
Worksheet 10.7 Becky’s budget.
Worksheet 10.8 Sunshine diagrams.
Worksheet 10.9 Crossword.
Worksheet 10.10 Summing up.
Worksheet 10.11 Looking back.

CHAPTER 11 Being a good citizen.
Worksheet 11.1 Being a good citizen.
Worksheet 11.2 Bullying issues.
Worksheet 11.3 Rights & responsibilities.
Worksheet 11.4 Crime does not pay.
Worksheet 11.5 Don’t break the law!
Worksheet 11.6 Establishing a support network.
Worksheet 11.7 Our democracy.
Worksheet 11.8 Working with tables.
Worksheet 11.9 Crossword.
Worksheet 11.10 Summing up.
Worksheet 11.11 Looking back.

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John Wiley & Sons Australia Ltd
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Humanities Alive Series
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