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A Thousand Days in the Arctic 2 Volume Set

  • Hardcover
Frederick G. Jackson's 1899 journal of his exploration in Franz Josef Land describes vividly a forbidding terrain of ice and snow.
A Thousand Days in the Arctic 2 Volume Set
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In 1897, the triumphant return of the Jackson-Harmsworth Arctic expedition revived widespread enthusiasm for Polar exploration. Within days of the expedition's arrival in London, newspapers ranging from the Boy's Own Paper to the Graphic were full of articles relating to the endeavours and findings of this intrepid undertaking. The demand for information did not abate and, in 1899, this two-volume account by Frederick G. Jackson (1860-1938) of his travels in Franz Josef Land was published to wide acclaim. Hailed by The Morning Post as 'a record of solid achievement accomplished by dint of steady perseverance in the face of hardship and difficulty', Jackson's journal describes a forbidding terrain of ice and snow. Volume 1 deals with the journey north, the building of a base camp - a wooden hut named 'Elmwood' - and bear-hunting and sledging. Volume 2 includes accounts of new lands, dark winters, and a famous encounter with Nansen.
Volume 1: Preface; Author's note; 1. Introduction; 2. Our start; 3. Winter darkness, dreary days; 4. Our Arctic hut; 5. A Christmas festival, 1895; 6. Mother Bear's nursery; 7. A tough bit for 'Mr Bear'; 8. Daylight returns; 9. The first sledge journey, 1895; 10. Second sledge journey, 1895; 11. Snow morasses, discovery of Queen Victoria Sea; 12. A successful race against time; 13. Back from the sledge journey, 1895; 14. Driven off the coast - nearly lost; 15. A spectral sky and phantom ship; 16. The storm subsides; 17. Back at the hut; 18. The gun in Franz Josef Land and game list; 19. Preparing for our second winter; 20. We suffer severe losses; 21. A nasty climb in the dark. Volume 2: 22. The British Channel an open sea; 23. We discover new land; 24. At Cape Flora; 25. A man on the ice!; 26. The darkness of a third winter is upon us; 27. We prepare again for sledging; 28. Queen Victoria Sea and the North-West; 29. Water, water everywhere; 30. We lose our provisions; 31. How we kept the Queen's Jubilee; 32. Unexpected return of the expedition; 33. No Gillis Land; 34. Home again!; 35. Concerning scurvy; Appendix: Notes and descriptions of the eggs collected by Frederick G. Jackson and the Jackson-Harmsworth Polar expedition in Franz Josef Land, 1894 to 1897 F. W. Frohawk; Notes on the birds of Franz Josef Land seen by the Jackson-Harmsworth Polar expedition, 1894 to 1897 Frederick George Jackson; Botany of Franz Josef Land Harry Fisher; Notes on the meteorological observations in Franz Joseph Land of the Jackson-Harmsworth Polar expedition A. B. Armitage; Some results of meteorological observations made at Cope Flora, Franz Josef Land Mr Strachan; Tables; Remarks, etc.; Journal of Aurora; Short statement upon the geology of Franz Josef Land Reginald Koettlitz; Notes on a collection of rocks and fossils from Franz Josef Land, made by the Jackson-Harmsworth Polar expedition during 1894-6 E. T. Newton and J. J. H. Teall; Absolute declinations at Cape Flora A. B. Armitage; Temperatures of soil, water, etc. H. Fisher; Tidal observations take at Cape Flora A. B. Armitage; Positions obtained by observations of [circled dot] on boat journey; Report on the flora of Franz Joseph Land from Cape Barents to Cape Neale H. Fisher; Synopsis of wind forces and direction for May, June, and July, 1895; Synopsis of wind forces; Positions of camps, etc., on sledging journey; Abstract of weather on sledge journey north, April 16th to May 13th, 1895; Index.
Frederick George Jackson
Cambridge Library Collection
Cambridge University Press
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United Kingdom
202 b/w illus. 5 maps
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Cambridge Library Collection - Polar Exploration
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