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Education, Asylum and the 'Non-Citizen' Child: The Politics of Compassion and Belonging

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Refugees are physically and symbolically 'out of place', their position forcing receiving states to address issues of rights and moral obligations. This book is concerned with asylum-seeking and refugee children in the UK whose presence represents a litmus test of state commitment to human rights, equality and justice for all children.
Education, Asylum and the 'Non-Citizen' Child: The Politics of Compassion and Belonging
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The Politics of Compassion and Belonging.
HALLELI PINSON is Lecturer at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and Research Fellow at the Van-Leer Jerusalem Institute, Israel. Her research focuses on young people's political identities, citizenship education and social conflict and the interface between government immigration and educational policy in the UK. She recently won the prestigious Alon Fellowship. Her publications include Citizenship, Education and Social Conflicts. MADELEINE ARNOT is Professor of Sociology of Education at the University of Cambridge, UK and Director of the Youth, Gender and Citizenship project in Africa and South East Asia. She has published extensively on educational issues relating to citizenship, social inequality and social justice. Her recent publications include Gender Education and Equality in a Global Context and Educating the Gendered Citizen and articles on educational policy in relation to teacher responses to asylum seeking students. MANO CANDAPPA is Senior Research Officer at the Institute of Education, University of London, UK. Her research focuses on childhoods, social care, education, migration, the experiences of refugees and asylum-seeking children and families. Recent publications include Education and Schooling for Asylum-Seeking and Refugee Students in Scotland.
Introduction Globalisation and Forced Migration: Challenging National Institutions Researching Compassion and Belonging in the Educational System The Asylum-seeking Child as Migrant: Government Strategies Devolution and Incorporation: Whose Responsibility? Countering Hostility with Social Inclusion: Local Resistances The Migrant Child as a Learner Citizen Finding Security and Safety in Schools Britishness and Belonging The Politicisation of Compassion: Campaigning for Justice Conclusions
'Asylum-seeking and refugee children have been largely invisible to the intellectual prism of the sociology of education. Their presence dramatically confronts the traditional role of the state of educating in loco parentis. Delivered with impeccable and accessible writing, this book is a true eye opener'. - Professor Carlos Alberto Torres, Director of the Paulo Freire Institute, University of California, USA 'Based on compelling empirical evidence, this volume offers important insights into the moral integrity of pupils and teachers in the face of hostile immigration policy. It is a vital contribution to current debates internationally on the challenges to the integration of refugee and asylum seeking children.' - Jo Boyden, Director of the Young Lives Research Centre, University of Oxford, UK 'This is a bold, sophisticated and impressive book which presents a careful and critical analysis of the position of asylum-seeking and refugee children. The voices and experiences of the children form a central component of the study and challenge everyone in education to live up to their inclusive rhetoric and act to stop the inhumane and oppressive treatment that so many asylum-seeking and refugee children experience on a daily basis.' - David Gillborn, Professor of Critical Race Studies in Education, Institute of Education, University of London, UK 'Education, Asylum and the 'Non-Citizen' Child is a valuable resource for people in a wide range of disciplines who care for, work, and research with children and young people.' - Children & Society 'Education, Asylum and the 'Non-Citizen' Child makes a valuable contribution to both refugee studies and the sociology of education. Drawing on multiple empirical sources, it presents a compelling narrative on the contradictions, tensions and idiosyncrasies of the asylum regime vis-a-vis the State commitment to the best interests of children enshrined in national and international laws.' - Nando Sigona, Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford, Journal of Refugee Studies
Halleli Pinson, Madeleine Arnot
Palgrave MacMillan
Palgrave Macmillan
The Politics of Compassion and Belonging
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United Kingdom
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