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The Follower

  • Hardcover
New York's coolest noir writer breaks for the big time with this slick crime-thriller
The Follower
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Katie Porter is an ordinary Manhattan girl. Working her first job out of college, her life is one of drinks and dates, gym visits and shopping. But someone thinks she's special - very special. And he's following her...But it's not her boyfriend, Andy. The frat-boy who never grew up is too busy working out how far Katie will go and if her friends are hot, to stop and think whether Katie's 'the one'. But someone's already decided she is - and he's watching Katie. Peter has seen Katie from the gym desk he mans. He's seen her at the coffee stall she stops at on the way to work. In fact, he's seen her almost everywhere, as he quietly follows her. But most of all, he sees her in his plans for the future. He's got the proposal worked out, he's even got the ring and their happy home already bought. After all, he's had enough time to plan things to perfection - he grew up in the same small town. Surely, after all these years, he can't let anything stand in his way...Combining his trademark razor-sharp dialogue, black humour and killer page-turning suspense, THE FOLLOWER will creep you out, hook you in, and make sure you always double-lock your door at night.
Jason Starr was born and raised in Brooklyn. His novels have been published in seven languages and he lives with his wife and daughter in Manhattan.
An author definitely on the up - TWISTED CITY won the 2005 Anthony Award for the Best Paperback Novel to follow on from TOUGH LUCK winning the 2004 Barry Award. Jason's already cornered the cult-crime market, now he's writing bigger, more commercial novels still with the same killer bite. THE FOLLOWER is a slick, twistedly-funny crime-thriller mixing pageturning suspense with razor-sharp diagalogue and action. He's loved by critics and fellow-writers as well as readers: 'The Follower is Jason Starr's masterpiece. This is it.' Bret Easton Ellis 'A fast, furious page-turner. This book is a huge treat.' Jeffery Deaver 'Jason Starr is hypnotically good - if you miss him, you're missing some of the best new writing there is.' Lee Child 'A scorching thriller... Jason Starr brings his characters vividly to life.' Sunday Telegraph
Starr's latest walk on the sour side stakes out his heroine between an insensitive lout and a murderous sociopath.Katie Porter isn't much of a heroine. She worries too much about her weight, is basically clueless about the New York types she dates and hasn't had much of a relationship with her parents ever since her college-freshman sister Heather jumped off a roof. But Katie surely deserves better than the two guys competing for her favors. Andy Barnett, a junior investment analyst with the soul of a frat boy, thinks of nothing but getting laid and impressing his porn-fixated roommates, and he has no more interest in reading Katie's emotions than in learning Sanskrit. But the real danger is Peter Wells, a stalker who's taken a job at the Metro Sports Club just so that he'll have a plausible excuse to meet the woman he's determined to marry. In the first, and funnier, half of this oxygen-deprived idyll, Peter plots to win Katie's affections, misjudging her actual feelings. Once Peter crosses the line to murder, Starr, true to form, turns the case over first to a loser cop with a terrible clearance rate, then to a preening narcissist who won't listen to anybody.As in his first seven novels (Lights Out, 2006, etc.), Starr updates the noir playbook by making every single character as unappealing as last night's cigarette smoke. (Kirkus Reviews)
Jason Starr
Orion Publishing Co
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United Kingdom

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