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The Other Goose

  • Paperback
Katerina is sad because she's the only goose in town, but sometimes she sees another goose in the side of a shiny car. She thinks: "One day that goose will come out. Then I'll no longer be the only goose on the pond." Suddenly one day . . . it does! Full color.
The Other Goose
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Katerina is the only goose on her pond, and she's very lonely. Sometimes she thinks she can see another goose in the side of Mr. Buswell's shiny car. She stares and stares, hoping the other goose will come out and join her on the pond. One dark Christmas night, when everyone is at a party in the square, Katerina goes to see the goose in the shiny car. But the goose is gone—has he come out at last? And who is that man with the goose-sized bag coming out of the bank? Is he carrying a goose-sized companion for Katerina? When Katerina chases him down to find out, she becomes the local heroine and gets a wonderful reward—life on her pond will never be the same again.
Judith Kerr was born in Berlin, the daughter of a distinguished German writer. She left Germany with her family in 1933 to escape the Nazis and they arrived in England in 1936, having spent the intervening years in Switzerland and France. She is married to Nigel Kneale and they have two children.
Katrina the goose is lonely. She lives in a beautiful village with a lovely pond to swim on, and all the villagers adore her. But there are no other geese for her to play with. Then, one day, she sees another goose in the side of a shiny car, and hopes that at last she has a playmate. But the other goose never comes out of the car. Katrina is determined to solve the mystery of this other goose - but first there is another problem to tackle. Just who is the strange man creeping round the corner of the street? And what has he got in his sack? Unexpectedly, Katrina becomes the village heroine - and heroines always get rewarded, don't they? Judith Kerr is best known for creating that loveable but forgetful cat, Mog, about whom she has written several books. Now Katrina the goose joins Mog as another character who is sure to be adored by children everywhere. This simple but charming tale, beautifully illustrated by the author, deserves to become a children's classic. A delightful book to share with young children, or for beginner readers to enjoy alone. Ages 3-6 (Kirkus UK)
Kerr, author of the beloved Mog books, uses soft, colored pencils and a Mother Goose-meets-The Ugly Duckling story to weave an uneven tale about a lonely goose in search of a mate. As the only goose on the town pond, Katerina wants the other goose-the one she sees reflected in the shiny side of a car-to "come out of the car" and be her friend. When Katerina stops a robbery at the bank, the townspeople reward her; the next day, the shiny car pulls up, the door opens, and Charlie, Katerina's male counterpart, "comes out of the car." The narrative stands on the interplay between text and picture; Kerr's scrawling colored-pencil illustrations complement her text nicely, adding humor where it is lacking. The choice of colored pencils as a medium creates the look of a child's drawings, simple and straightforward. Kerr's dialogue is patchy, at times unoriginal, and yet sometimes wonderfully clever. When Katerina sees the robber carrying a bag, she thinks, "it was a goose-sized bag and there was something in it. There was a goose-sized thing in that goose-sized bag." The logic here follows nicely, as Katerina pieces together the scene and comes to the realization that something is wrong. Yet many of Katerina's actions seem forced, as if placed strategically to arrive at the final "wink" in the story-the "coming out of the car" play on words. While young and old audiences alike will get a kick out of this joke, the wordplay alone does not hold up as the backbone of the work. New readers will be able to "read" the pictures, without ever knowing a word. (Picture book. 4-8) (Kirkus Reviews)
Judith Kerr
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