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The Power of Wow

  • Paperback
The Power of Wow
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Millions of women in the UK, no matter how varied their wants and needs, are itching to get their sexy back. But where does one go to learn the lessons of how to be a lovely and lusty lady? The Power of Wow is more than just a how-to book; it is part of Lori Bryant-Woolridge's virtual university dedicated to the sensual arts. In a comprehensive, user-friendly, nine-week programme, women of any age can learn to be healthy, sensual, charming, sexual beings - and are given a diploma to boot! Now readers in the UK can also be part of this growing phenomenon!
Lori Bryant-Woolridge is a fifteen-year veteran of the television broadcast business and the recipient of an Emmy Award for individual achievement in writing. She is the author of the bestselling novel "Read Between the Lies" and a contributing author to several top anthologies, including the award-winning "Gumbo: A Celebration of African-American Writing". She lives in South Orange, New Jersey, with her husband and two children.
"I enjoyed and looked forward to reading this book. It is well written and has helpful advice for every woman, no matter where you are in life. Young woman, married woman, celibate woman and sex kittens could all find something here to apply to daily life." --Kissin Blue Karen "Confidence is sexy, and it's not just for men seeking women. The Power of WOW: A Guide to Unleashing the Confident, Sexy You is a self-help guide to embracing the confidence in life fully and more completely. Too often the pressures of life batter us into submission, but the advice of Lori Bryant-Woolridge gives plenty of advice to be a force as a woman, as a mother, and as a lover. The Power of WOW is a charming and empowering read, highly recommended." --Midwest Book Review "This lively book should help nearly any woman break out of her rut." --Kirkus Reviews "Lori Bryant Woolridge puts the power of sex into every woman's hands." --Zane: New York Times best-selling author of The Hot Box and Dear G Spot "Priceless passion, personal power, and positive pleasure. Finally! The Power of Wow is a book that teaches women how to be genuinely sexy and for all of the right reasons." --Debbi Morgan, "Angie" of All My Children "Lori Bryant-Woolridge serves up a crash course in sexual charisma! This isn't about being sexy for someone else (though your lover will surely benefit), but about exploring your most sensual side and letting your inner vixen roar. The Power of Wow is required reading for lusty ladies everywhere." --Rachel Kramer Bussel, Editor, Orgasmic and Gotta Have It "Woolridge comes on like Judith Krantz with a social conscience." --Publishers Weekly "Whether due to loss, divorce, breakup or those "last ten pounds", at some point in her life, every woman in the world feels like she's lost her "mojo" - her innate ability to not just appear sexy, but feel that way as well. Not only does Lori Bryant-Woolridge go beyond the typical "light a candle and put on some lingerie" approach to regaining sexiness and sensuality, she shows women how to find the "sexy" within, bring it back...and keep it! Strap into your finest footwear, spend some time with Lori and get ready to meet the woman you are meant to be" --Carole Brody Fleet, award-winning author of Widows Wear Stilettos "Busyness and routine can drown or drain your sensuality and turn your WOW into a whimper. Lori Woolridge's The Power of Wow helps you examine your preferences and habits, and offers refreshing, practical alternatives. The book will add ginger to your day with its upbeat tone and irreverent advice. It is self-help with a flair. Read it and do it!" --Dr. Linda Clever, author of The Fatigue Prescription "Many women experience an attrition of their "wow factor" simply due to the busyness of our daily lives. After a long days of work, family obligations, socializing, and all that makes for the life of a modern women, how much WOW can you have left? Turns out, a LOT and with Lori Bryant Woolridge's wise tutelage in her fantastic book, more than ever. I recommend The Power of Wow" as a must-read self care manual for every woman. --Nina Lesowitz, coauthor of Living Life as a Thank You "I'm so much happier now. I'm not invisible anymore. I'm letting myself be seen." --Dina, MSA '08 "Now I'm not so bound up by my hang-ups over sex. I've learned to ask and get what I want." --Virginia, MSA '07
Lori Bryant-Woolridge
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United States
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Cleis Press
Cleis Press
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San Francisco
A Guide to Unleashing the Confident, Sexy You

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