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The Barents Region

This text examines the Barents region as a political initiative, its historical and institutional architecture and its contributions to economic and environmental management in the North. Attention is paid to the impact of the Barents region on security and on European integration.
The Barents Region
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Post-Cold War Europe has seen various regional initiatives launched along the former East-West divide. Ties and trade routes pre-dating 1914 are being taken up once again. Somewhat surprisingly, as this book reveals, the Barents Region in the Scandinavian and Russian Arctic is emerging as one of the most dynamic and versatile East-West initiatives in Europe. Its unique, two-pillared institutional structure ensures that state as well as local authorities are drawn into deliberations, as are representatives from the European Commission and the regional Saami organisation. The Barents Region is ripe with riddles and opportunities. It is immensely rich in minerals, petroleum and fishery resources of interest for Europe as a whole. It is also extremely militarised and environmentally vulnerable. It is the apex of the Cold War structures: with over 200 naval nuclear reactors and with more strategic nuclear weapons than anywhere else in the world, its importance extends far beyond the confines of Arctic Europe. To Russia, the Barents Region has become a link to Northern Europe and potentially to the European Union.
To the European Union, it may become an instrument to stabilise its eastern borders in a militarily sensitive area. The Barents Region surveys regional cooperation in Arctic Europe. With contributions from leading Scandinavian and Russian scholars on Northern affairs, this volume examines the Barents Region as a political initiative, its historical and institutional architecture and its contributions to economic and environmental management in the North. Particular attention is paid to the impact of the Barents Region on security in Arctic Europe and its relationship to the wider process of European integration.
Introduction - Olav Schram Stokke and Ola Tunander PART ONE: A NEW POLICY FOR THE NORTH The Barents Region - Institutions, Cooperation and Prospects - Johan J[o with a line through]orgen Holst Cooperation in the Barents Euro-Arctic Region - Andrej Kozyrev Promising Begining Inventing the Barents Region - Ola Tunander Overcoming the East-West Divide Where Cultures Cross - Robert Bathurst Old Russia in a New North Living Conditions in the North - Erik Hansen The New Divide The Dynamics of the Barents Region - Rune Castberg, Olav Schram Stokke and Willy [o with a line through]Ostreng PART TWO: TOWARDS A COOPERATIVE REGION? The Barents Region in Historical Perspective - Jens Petter Nielsen Economic Cooperation - Rune Castberg Potentials and Problems in Northwest Russia The Barents Sea - Alf H[a with a circle on top]akon Hoel Fisheries Resources for Europe and Russia Oil and Gas - Arild Moe Future Role of the Barents Region Environmental Cooperation as a Driving Force in the Barents Region - Olav Schram Stokke The Northern Sea Route and the Barents Region - Willy [o with a line through it]Ostreng PART THREE: THE BARENTS REGION IN THE NEW EUROPE Russian Perspectives on the Barents Region - Pavel K Baev The Barents Region as a European Security-building Concept - Anders Kj[o with a line through it]olberg The Barents Region as a European Fronteir Region - Noralv Veggeland Region-building as Europe-building - Pertti Joenniemi Conclusions - Olav Schram Stokke and Ola Tunander
'Since the thawing of the Cold War international interactions in the Arctic have increased at a pace taking many by surpirse... all of the 18 chapters are well informed and afford the reader many insights into the nature, purposes and prospects of what Stollenberg, in his short foreword, considers a possible model for post-Cold War East-West cooperation at the regional level... All the chapters are informative and they hang together very effectively. Moreover, the editors' admirably succinct overview chapter adds the finishing touches to a high-quality volume on a subject of obvious interest to all those interested in political, economic, environmental and strategic developments in the High North' - Journal of Strategic Studies 'Presents a heartening and authoritative picture of post-Cold War diplomacy and international cooperation... a useful addition to the literature' - Choice
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International Peace Research Institute, Oslo (PRIO)
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SAGE Publications Ltd
Regional Cooperation in Arctic Europe
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United Kingdom
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Ola Tunander, Olav Stokke
Olav Schram Stokke
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