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Africa: Dilemmas of Development and Change

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Written by today's most influential African scholars, this collection of pathbreaking articles covers a variety of topics including political leadership, forms of state power, the role of civil society, the importance of class, ethnicity, and gender, and the prospects for democratic change in the region. The book provides a broad historical perspective on Africa's political economic development and an overview of current problems and prospects.
Africa: Dilemmas of Development and Change
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In the decades since independence, the countries of sub-Saharan Africa have faced three central dilemmas of development. The first has been the challenge of state building. In the wake of colonial rule, governments have encountered the problems of establishing legitimate authority and constructing capable states. A second dilemma has been that of nation building and state-society relations. African countries have confronted the difficulties of managing ethnic diversity, forging national identities, and negotiating relations between citizens and rulers. The third challenge encompasses problems of economic development as the region has grappled with a legacy of poverty, slow growth, and external dependence.This collection provides an overview of the leading themes and issues in these three critical areas of Africa's postindependent development. A selection of pathbreaking articles provides insights into the key questions, the major theories, and the outstanding challenges in African development. Written by today's most influential African scholars, the readings cover a variety of topics including political leadership; forms of state power; the role of civil society; the importance of class, ethnicity, and gender; and the prospects for democratic change in the region. Changes in African political economies are also addressed, focusing special attention on the debt crisis and the problems of economic reform. A final section focuses on the present-day challenges to African development: the spread of refugees, pressures on the environment, the devastating toll of AIDS, and the threat of state collapse.Providing a broad historical perspective on Africa's political and economic development and an overview of current problems and prospects, this collection will be especially useful for advanced undergraduates, graduate students, and development professionals.
Peter Lewis teaches in the School of International Services at American University.
* Introduction: Development and Change in Africa States And Leadership * Personal Rule: Theory and Practice in Africa Robert H.Jackson and Carl G. Rosberg. * Class, State, and Prebendal Politics in Nigeria Richard A. Joseph. * Patrons, Clients, and Factions: New Dimensions of Conflict Analysis in Africa Richard Sandbrook. State, Society, And Participation * Colonialism and the Two Publics in Africa: A Theoretical Statement Peter P. Ekeh. * Disengagement from the State in Africa: Reflections on the Experience of Ghana and Guinea Victor Azarya and Naomi Chazan * Political Transition and the Dilemma of Civil Society in Africa Peter M. Lewis. Class, Ethnicity, And Gender * The Nature of Class Domination in Africa Richard L. Sklar. * The Making of a Rentier Class: Wealth Accumulation and Political Control in Senegal Catherine Boone. * Reconfiguring State-Ethnic Relations in Africa: Liberalization and the Search for New Routines of Interaction Donald Rothchild. * Gender, Political Participation, and the Transformation of Associational Life in Uganda and Tanzania Aili Mari Tripp. Democracy And Political Transition * Africa: The Second Wind of Change Larry Diamond. * Neopatrimonial Regimes and Political Transitions in Africa Michael Bratton and Nicolas van de Walle. * Democratization: Understanding the Relationship Between Regime Change and the Culture of Politics Pearl T. Robinson. * Africa: An Interim Balance Sheet Crawford Young. Political Economy: Crisis And Reform * Trends in Development Economics and Their Relevance to Africa Tony Killick. * From Scylla to Charybdis: The Foreign Economic Relations of Sub-Saharan African States Thomas M. Callaghy. * Adjustment with Growth: A Fragile Consensus John Ravenhill. * The Structural Adjustment of Politics in Africa Jeffrey Herbst.
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Dilemmas of Development and Change
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Peter Lewis
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