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Stanley Kubrick: Drama & Shadows: Photographs 1945-1950

  • Hardcover
The first book to document the early photographs of the enigmatic film director. The volume includes 350 black and white photographs taken between 1945-50 including rare unpublished images
Stanley Kubrick: Drama & Shadows: Photographs 1945-1950
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Born in New York City in 1928, Stanley Kubrick began taking photographs when in high school. At sixteen, he sent a photograph he took of a newsstand after President Roosevelt's death to Look Magazine. The publication of the photograph marked the beginning of Kubrick's work for the magazine, which lasted until 1950, when Kubrick made his first 16mm documentary film. During those five years Kubrick completed dozens of photographic reportage assignments in New York City as well as abroad. The resulting thousands of negatives have remained in the archives of Look Magazine ever since. Kubrick's photographs vary in subject, but people are the central focus of attention, as is his commitment to narration. Whether capturing the meditative state of passengers in a series of portraits made in the New York subway, following famous boxer Rocky Graziano on the ring and in intimate moments, portraying the coming of age of socialite Betsy Von Furstenberg, or narrating the tale of a shoe-shine boy in the streets of New York City, Kubrick draws psychological portraits that combine drama, irony, and often mystery, anticipating his trademark cinematic style.
If Kubrick's photographs are fascinating accounts of life in the late 1940s, they are also a major contribution to American photography of that era. At nineteen, Kubrick already had an immense talent in constructing complex compositions in which camera positioning and lighting played a crucial role. The book is introduced by an essay by Rainer Crone, who also edited the selection of photographs for this book. Crone is an expert on Kubrick's photographic work, and has already published a catalogue on this subject (see Related Titles below). An art historian, he gives context and examines Kubrick's photographs in relation to not only his later films but also the history of twentieth-century art and photography. Crone also wrote short introductions to most stories in the book. An invaluable contribution to the history of photography, this book explores how one of the most influential and successful film directors of our time used photography to master visual techniques and cultivate his signature style.
Rainer Crone holds the Chair for 20th Century Art and Media at the Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich, Germany. Formerly an Associate Professor of Art History at Columbia University, he is the author of the first monograph on Andy Warhol (1970), and has since widely published on twentieth century art and artists. His most recent books include: Louise Bourgeois, the Secret of the Cells (Prestel, 1998), Auguste Rodin: Eros and Creativity (Prestel, 1991), and Kasimir Malevitch: The Climax of Disclosure (Reaktion Books, 1991). He lives in Munich, Germany and Hampton Bays, New York.
Preface * Introductory essay by Rainer Crone. I. Metropolitan Life: - Studies in the Subway - Chicago - City of Social Contrasts - Mythologies of a Paddy Wagon - Filming of Naked City - Johnny Grant's Adventures Reporting for the Radio in New York - Artists in the New Center of the World: New York City - A Tale of a Shoe-shine Boy - Street Fight. II. Entertainment: - The World's Biggest Spectacle: A Circus Run by a Family - Jazz is Hot Again: Dixieland in New York - Framing a Showgirl's Daily Life - Copacabana: Shows in New York's Nightclub - Shadows Speaking - Dancing in High-button Shoes - Travelling Overseas to Portugal - Aqueduct Racetrack: Hopes, Despairs, and Routines - Amusements in the Palisades Park. III. Celebrities - Intimate Scenes with Leonard Bernstein - Narrating Dailies of a Rising Star: Betsy Von Furstenberg - The Young Montgomery Clift: A Conflicting Soul - World Sport Boxing and Its Two Mythic Heroes: Rocky Graziano; Walter Cartier. . Human Behaviour - Dogs in the City - Park Bench - Circus Portraits - Hand-writing Analysis - Monkeys Looking at People, and How They Look Back - Looking at Art in New York - A Baby's First Look Into a Mirror - Mama Shopping - Santa Claus in Action - Children Listening to Book Reading - Columbia University in New York - A Private University - Jealousy - First Love - Natural History. Bibliography * Index
'some remarkable mini-epics. It's tempting to read his future film catalogue into these productions - but they stand up brilliantly on their own. Kubrick seemed to be poking his lens into all walks of life in 1940s New York life and the results are as full of drama as movie stills.' The Guardian, November 2005 'a must-see visual archive of postwar American society. ... the controversy between documenting reality and manipulating it is well reflected in this book.' Film Ireland, May 2006 'fascinating' Crime Time, Summer 2006
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