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Digital Photography Simplified

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Go from digital photography set up to print out with this easy-to-understand visual resource Digital photography makes taking pictures easier, but learning the tools to develop and manipulate those pictures can be a bit overwhelming.
Digital Photography Simplified
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Go from digital photography set up to print out with this easy-to-understand visual resource Digital photography makes taking pictures easier, but learning the tools to develop and manipulate those pictures can be a bit overwhelming. This full-color guide demystifies the latest digital camera models and their features and inspires you to be more creative with your camera and in your image editing. Packed with completely new photos, this updated edition offers two-page tutorials and step-by-step instructions for taking better pictures, understanding composition and lighting, avoiding over or under exposure, editing and organizing photos, and making simple changes that can result in beautiful photos. Updated coverage addresses the newest video capabilities and guides you through effectively using common digital imaging software. Plus, straightforward instruction and large font and image sizes make this book an ideal resource for both mature audiences and novice photographers.
* Offers easy-to-understand, practical instruction for setting up your camera whether it's a compact or digital SLR and learning its program modes * Encourages you to experiment with lenses and focal length, download and organize your images, and fine-tune your photos with Photoshop Elements * Explains good composition and exposure, tools and equipment choices, basic exposure, flash settings, and more * Features full-color screen shots that demonstrate each task and stunning photos that inspire This easy-to-understand book provides you with invaluable advice and simplifies the world of digital photography so you can get the best shot possible, simply.
Rob Sheppard is editor-at-large for "Outdoor Photographer," and is author/photographer of over 20 books including "The National Geographic Field Guide to Photography" and "Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for Digital Photographers Only," He is committed to bringing professional photographers together with technology that benefits their craft. His Web site is
1 Getting Ready to Take Pictures. Set Up Your LCD for Optimum Use. Viewfinder or LCD Which to Use? Choose a Resolution and File Type. Choose a Memory Card. Hold the Camera for Sharpness. Choose a Program Mode. Using Your Camera's Autofocus. 2 Taking a Better Picture through Composition. Simple Pictures Work Best. Get Close to Your Subject. Find a Foreground. Watch Your Background. The Rule of Thirds. When Centered Is Good. Where Heads Belong. Watch Your Edges. Shoot Verticals and Horizontals. 3 Using Light to Your Advantage. See the Light. Shadows Are Important. Light Can Hurt Your Photos (What to Avoid). Low Front Light Can Be Beautiful. Make Textures Show Up with Sidelight. Separate with Backlight. Add Impact with Spotlight. Turn On Your Flash When the Light Is Harsh. Time of Day Changes the Light. 4 Understanding Exposure and White Balance. What Your Camera Meter Does. The Problem of Underexposure. The Problem of Overexposure. Correct Exposure Problems. What Is White Balance? When to Use Auto White Balance. When to Use Definite White Balance Settings. Using White Balance Settings Creatively. 5 Choosing Shutter Speed and F-Stop. Control Exposure with Shutter Speed and F-Stop. Stop Action with Fast Shutter Speeds. Blur Action with Slow Shutter Speeds. Increase Depth of Field with Small F-Stops. Create Shallow Depth of Field with Large F-Stops. ISO Settings Affect Exposure Choices. 6 Getting Maximum Sharpness. Minimize Camera Movement. Focus on the Most Important Part of the Subject. Choose F-Stop or Shutter Speed for Appropriate Sharpness. Get Maximum Sharpness with a Tripod. Get Sharpness with Other Camera Supports. 7 Getting the Most from a Lens. Get a Big View with a Wide Angle. Get a Tight View with a Telephoto. Zoom for Best Compositions. Choose Focal Lengths for Different Subjects. Close-ups and Lenses. Focal Length and People Photographs. How to Buy New Lenses. 8 Indoor and Night Light plus Flash. Deal with Artificial Light. Correct Color with White Balance. Using Appropriate Shutter Speed Technique. Brace the Camera for Sharpness. Understand How Flash Works. Deal with Red Eye. Avoid Flash Shadow Problems. Bounce Your Flash for More Natural Light. 9 Shooting Video with a Digital Camera. Choose the Right Shutter Speed. Using ISO Settings to Change Exposure. Support the Camera. Capture a Variety of Shots. Look for Movement. Record Good Audio. 10 Editing and Organizing Your Photos. Import Photos to Your Computer. Organize Photos on a Hard Drive. Back Up Photos on a Second Drive. Using Photoshop Elements to Organize Photos. Edit the Good from the Bad. 11 Basic Adjustments with Photoshop Elements. Crop Your Photos for Better Images. Fix Crooked Horizons. Fix Gray Photos. Make Dark Photos Brighter. Correct Color Easily. Try Black-and-White. Size the Picture for Printing. Size Photos for E-mail. Sharpen the Image. 12 Additional Controls with Photoshop Elements. Using Selections to Isolate Adjustments. Modify Your Selections. Increase Color Saturation without Problems. Darken Specific Areas of a Photo. Lighten Specific Areas of a Photo. Darken Edges for a Traditional Look. Clone Effectively. What Layers Are About. 13 Printing Photos. Start with a Good Photo for a Good Print. Calibrate the Monitor. Using Photo Printers with Photoshop Elements. Set the Printer Driver Correctly. Make the Right Paper Choice. Make a Good Print. Add Text to a Print. 14 Basic Video Editing with Premiere Elements. Review Your Shots. Look for an Order to Shots. Edit Clip Length. Place Clips in Timeline. Add Titles to Your Video. Adjust the Sound for Your Video. Add Special Effects to Your Video. Add Music to Your Video. Export Your Edited Video.
'...great book for anyone new to informal, accessible style that is not only refreshing but highly enjoyable. ' (Digital Photography Enthusiast, May 2011).
Rob Sheppard
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