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Humanities Alive History 2 for Vels

  • Paperback
Features structured activities, geared to the useful learning standards, and catering for a range of abilities and intelligences; skillbooster activities that address a range of reasoning and interpretation skills; check and challenge sections at the end of every chapter to revise, apply and extend understanding and knowledge; and, more.
Humanities Alive History 2 for Vels
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Humanities Alive History 2 is the second of a two-book series catering for the new Victorian Essential Learning Standards specifically as they apply to the Humanities - History domain. Humanities Alive History 1 caters for Level 5 and Humanities Alive History 2 for Level 6 This visually stimulating content is presented to engage learners and help them to understand and adapt essential information and skills. Interdisciplinary learning, through the four domains of Communication, ICT, Thinking and Design, Creativity and Technology, is embedded in the activities and extended through a range of supporting worksheets. Links are also made to domains within the Physical, Personal and Social Learning strand, particularly Civics and Citizenship.
Key features: * Structured activities, geared to the essential learning standards, and catering for a wide range of abilities and intelligences * Skillbooster activities that address a range of reasoning and interpretation skills * Check and challenge sections at the end of every chapter to revise, apply and extend understanding and knowledge * A supporting CD-ROM that includes an electronic copy of the student textbook, links for all activity panels to Microsoft Word files, and a range or interactive multimedia programs to reinforce and test recall and higher order skills
Chapter 1: First Australians Australia's heritage Links with the land The way they were Contact! Deadly encounters Massacre! Indigenous resistance The story of Coranderrk Hobart Daily: Truganini now at peace The Torres Strait Islanders Check and challenge Chapter 2: The Europeans arrive 200 years later Finding the great south land Why Botany Bay? Captain Arthur Phillip Settlement or invasion? Convicts Famous convicts Female factories Macquarie - the colony's 'second founder' Melbourne - the place for a village New immigrants Colony Commerce: Thar she blows no longer! Check and challenge Chapter 3: Gold fever! A turbulent era 'Gold in them thar hills!' Cultural melting pots Life on the goldfields Bendigo Beat: Hotham orders a 'foxhunt'! Eureka! Chinese diggers Bushrangers Ned Kelly in profile After the rush was over Check and challenge Chapter 4: Becoming Australian Australians all ... and proud of it Not the 'old country' City living The Bush Telegraph: Mother of wool industry dies Community snapshots Men and women at work Voice of the workers The Australian Labor Party Australian perspectives Federation Women have their say Check and challenge Chapter 5: World War 1 Simpson and his donkey The Great War - an overview The causes of World War I The rise of nationalism Australia goes to war War plans Trench warfare The Trench Tribune: The horror continues Gallipoli Conscription Karl Marx and communism The Russian Revolution The war ends Check and challenge Chapter 6: Between the wars Bodyline! The peace settlement The United States in the Roaring Twenties The rise and rise of capitalism The Great Depression The Socialist voice: A socialist blueprint Communism spreads Japan between the wars The growth of fascism Germany regathers Stolen voices back home Check and challengs Chapter 7: World War II Carnage and bloodshed Path to war - snapshots Australia at war! War in Europe The Pacific war Prisoners of war Sir Edward 'Weary' Dunlop Women's changing roles The home front Wartime Observer: Victory! A new era for Australia Check and challenge Chapter 8: Australia in a changing world New people ... new challenges Post-war immigration boom The Cold War The Vietnam War Flashpoint: More Aussie troops for Iraq Multiculturalism Australia and refugees Human rights - East Timor We are women! Voices of protest Indigenous push for rights Land rights Fighting for equity Towards reconciliation Technological revolution Miraculous medicine Check and challenge
John Wiley & Sons Australia Ltd
Publication Date
Jacaranda Wiley, Australia
Place of Publication
Milton, QLD
Country of Publication
Humanities Alive Series
Primary & Secondary/Elementary & High School
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