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Real Grammar

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An innovative corpus-based grammar text, Real Grammar uses the latest corpus research to show how 50 grammatical structures and expressions are used in speech and writing.
Real Grammar
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An innovative corpus-based grammar text, Real Grammar uses the latest corpus research to show how 50 grammatical structures and expressions are used in speech and writing. This focus on authentic usage motivates students to move past traditional grammar texts and use English more like native speakers. Real Grammar is an essential tool for students to study English as it is used in the real world of conversation, fi ction, newspaper, and academic writing. Fifty independent units provide total fl exibility, allowing the text to fit any curriculum Rich activities, varying from contextualised exercises to discovery and analysis, help learners understand and use the target grammar.
Susan Conrad is Professor of Applied Linguistics at Portland State University. She has worked in Southern Africa and Korea, and conducted workshops on discourse analysis and corpus linguistics in Europe, South America, and Thailand. Her previous books include Corpus Linguistics, The Longman Grammar of Spoken and Written English, and The Student Grammar of Spoken and Written English.
PART I VERB TENSES UNIT 1 Did you want more coffee? Simple Past Tense in Polite Offers UNIT 2 He's looking at me... Progressive Verbs vs. Simple Verbs UNIT 3 Studies have shown... Discovery verbs and Existence Verbs PART II SPECIAL USES OF VERBS UNIT 4 I didn't get a chance... Meaning of Get UNIT 5 Did you have fun today? Meaning of Have + Noun Phrase UNIT 6 It really made a difference... Meaning to Make + Noun Phrase UNIT 7 Let's take a look at it Meaning of Take + Noun Phrase UNIT 8 I felt good about it Linking Verbs UNIT 9 Tell me that story Verbs with Two Objects UNIT 10 Reports suggest that... Action Verbs with inanimate Subjects PART III MODALS UNIT 11 I might go to Japan Possibility Modals UNIT 12 A compromise must be reached Necessity Modals PART IV MULTI-WORD VERBS UNIT 13 Come on! Phrasal Verbs UNIT 14 I can't think of his name now Verb + Preposition UNIT 15 I have to get out of here Three-Word Phrasal Verbs PART V THE PASSIVE UNIT 16 No significant difference was found Passive Voice UNIT 17 The accident was caused by failure of... Passive with a By-Phrase UNIT 18 Further details can be found in... Passive Verb + Preposition PART VI NOUNS, ARTICLES, AND PRONOUNS UNIT 19 That's an important thing to know The Nouns People and Thing UNIT 20 I love fitness and stuff like that Imprecise Noun Phrases UNIT 21 The chair of the committee Nonsexist Language Choices UNIT 22 The introduction of technology The Definite Article UNIT 23 Yeah, that's right! The Pronouns This and That PART VII ADJECTIVES AN ADVERBS UNIT 24 He did a nice job The Adjectives Good and Nice UNIT 25 Do this quick Adjective and Adverb Choices UNIT 26 That's pretty weird Amplifiers and Downtoners UNIT 27 Women are different from men Adjective + Preposition UNIT 28 It looks pretty awful though Though and Anyway UNIT 29 Finally, on the negative side... Transitions UNIT 30 It would thus appear that ... Position of Transitions PART VIII GERUNDS, INFINITIVES, AND CLAUSES WITH THAT UNIT 31 I don't think it will be a problem Verb + Noun Clause for Uncertainty UNIT 32 I think I can find it Deletion of That in Noun Clauses UNIT 33 She seemed to like him a lot Verb + infinitive UNIT 34 We couldn't stop laughing Verb + Gerund UNIT 35 This is happens Be + Noun Clause UNIT 36 It is possible that That-Clauses or Infinitive Phrases for Attitudes PART IX REPORTED SPEECH UNIT 37 ...and she goes oh don't worry Reporting What Someone Said UNIT 38 The authors argue that... Reporting What Someone Wrote PART X NOUN MODIFICATION UNIT 39 Evidence for life on Mars Modifiers in Noun Phrases UNIT 40 Voter registration procedures Adjectives and Nouns to Modify a Noun UNIT 41 A question which is often asked Adjective Clauses and Relative Pronoun Choice UNIT 42 That's the way I look at it Adjective Clauses with Adverb Meaning UNIT 43 Is there anything I can do? Pronoun Modified by Adjective Clauses UNIT 44 I've got a lot to do Noun + Infinitive UNIT 45 The approach used in nursing Adjective Phrases UNIT 46 A number of reasons Prepositional Phrases Modifying Nouns UNIT 47 He saluted me, which I enjoyed Adjective Clauses That Modify Sentences PART XI SPECIAL FEATURES OF CONVERSATION UNIT 48 Well, I better get going Discourse Markers UNIT 49 Me too. Incomplete Sentences UNIT 50 The stuff I thought you could use Complex Grammar in Conversation
Susan Conrad, Douglas Biber
Pearson Education (US)
Pearson Education
A Corpus-Based Approach to English
Place of Publication
Upper Saddle River
Country of Publication
United States
Short Title
Publication Date
Portland State University

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