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Lost Lore: A Celebration of Traditional Wisdom from Foraging and Festivals to Seafaring and Smoke Signals

  • Hardcover
An engaging introduction to traditional knowledge and forgotten wisdom
Lost Lore: A Celebration of Traditional Wisdom from Foraging and Festivals to Seafaring and Smoke Signals
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cooking with a range - counting sheep - curing drunkenness finding water - signalling with semaphore - identifying plants and trees making and taking tea - natural first aid - using an abacus navigating by nature - preparing antidotes to poisoning predicting the sex of a baby - repairing clothes curing warts - weather forecasting Lost Lore is a celebration of the time-honoured wisdom upon which we all once relied. It draws on folklore, tradition and superstition, and is packed with amusing anecdotes and historical extracts which illuminate the beliefs and knowledge of our ancestors. It brings to life the wisdom and practical skills that helped generation after generation, only becoming lost with the advent of mechanization and the technological age. Following in the footsteps of Lost Crafts, Lost Lore is a beautiful book that will once more immerse you in the pleasures of the past.
Una McGovern is a freelance editor and writer, with books on a wide range of subjects to her name. She spent many years making regular forays from Edinburgh to the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, before a return to rural Devon brought with it the opportunity to develop an organic kitchen garden, complete with traditional breed chickens. She now lives with her partner in a small Dartmoor town. Paul Jenner is a writer and journalist specializing in lifestyle subjects. He lives with his partner, three horses, two dogs and two sheep in the foothills of the Spanish Pyrenees, where, when he's not working, he enjoys hiking, riding, cycling, sailing, swimming, diving and snowboarding.
Health and Wellbeing Using Natural First Aid Using Natural Remedies Preparing Antidotes to Poison Curing Warts Curing Drunkenness Improving Digestion Making Possets and Caudles Living Longer Caring for Hair Caring for Skin Caring for Teeth Beautifying Education and Knowledge Using an abacus Using logarithm tables Using a slide rule Imperial measurements Converting decimal to pounds, shillings and pence Using mnemonics Using an almanac Using codes and ciphers Using a camera obscura Socializing and Celebration Predicting the sex of a baby Celebrating births Wooing and courting Celebrating marriages Mourning deaths Observing etiquette Dining Making and taking tea Celebrating with alcohol Dancing Celebrating the seasons Celebrating a traditional Christmas Letter writing Writing by hand Household Living thriftily Laying a fire Cooking with a range Choosing produce Making the most of meat Preserving by curing, smoking and salting Preserving by drying Preserving by pickling Preserving by freezing and bottling Storing vegetables, fruit and wine Storing clothes Repairing clothes Dyeing Laundering Cleaning Polishing furniture Eradicating unpleasant household odours Soap making Eradicating pests and vermin Gardening Starting a car Superstitions Outdoor Life Weather forecasting Telling the time Working with the moon and tides Navigating by nature Navigating using traditional maritime instruments Navigating using a map and compass Understanding longitude and latitude Seafaring Raft-making Foraging for wild food Mushrooming Cooking alfresco Making fire without matches Finding water Measuring ice Identifying plants Identifying trees Tracking animals Identifying birds Signalling with semaphore Signalling with Morse code Signalling with smoke or fire Signalling with naval flags Surviving in the wilderness Sheltering Making outdoor equipment Choosing and using wood Counting sheep Removing stones from horses' hooves How to choose livestock and horses Sharpening knives
Short Title
Larousse Kingfisher Chambers
Publication Date
A Celebration of Traditional Wisdom, from Foraging and Festivals to Seafaring and Smoke Signals
Country of Publication
United Kingdom
Una McGovern, Paul Jenner
Place of Publication

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