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Google Secrets

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Become a Google guru with these effective tips, tricks, and techniques Sure, you use Google.
Google Secrets
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Become a Google guru with these effective tips, tricks, and techniques Sure, you use Google. But do you really use Google-and everything it has to offer-in the most effective way possible? Wish you could just sit down with a Google expert who would show you how to take your Google savviness to the next level? With Google Secrets , you can! Tech expert Jerri Ledford reveals the ins, outs, and little-known facts about Google to show you how to sharpen your skills so you can get more done, more efficiently. You may already be familiar with Google's most popular applications, but this indispensable guide puts your knowledge to the test with insider tips, valuable insights, and unbeatable advice on Gmail, Google Voice, Google Sketchup, Google Analytics, and dozens more.
Explores the dozens of Google applications that help you stay in touch, collaborate more effectively, and locate all the information you need to accomplish almost any task Builds on your already-savvy set of Google skills and takes your smarts to the next level with little-known secrets, unique tips and tricks, and helpful hints Reveals the powerful capabilities of the entire spectrum of Google applications, such as Gmail, Google Docs, Picasa, Google Buzz, Google Maps, and much more If you demand more than just the basics, then Google Secrets is the book you've been waiting for!
Yvette Davis is an accomplished technical writer who has contributed more than 300 articles to print magazines and the web. She currently develops corporate documentation, including training materials, policy and procedure manuals, B-2-B communication, and B-2-Client communications. As the former Managing Editor of's Google Channel she has a deep understanding of Google's wide range of services as well as the needs of the users utilizing them.
Read This First xix Part I Customizing Your Google Experience 1 Chapter 1 Starting Strong: Google A ccount and Profile Secrets 3 Chapter 2 Customizing Your Google Experience with iGoogle 15 Chapter 3 Increasing Your Knowledge with Google Reader 29 Part II Google Search Secrets 37 Chapter 4 Using Your Words: Natural Language Searches 39 Chapter 5 Refining Your Search 49 Chapter 6 Staying Close with Local Search 63 Chapter 7 Learning More with Informational Searches 71 Chapter 8 Using Multimedia Search to Find Entertainment 95 Chapter 9 Customizing Search to Your Needs 111 Part III Google Gmail Secrets 129 Chapter 10 Harnessing the Power of a Gmail Account 131 Chapter 11 Managing Messages 147 Part IV Secrets for Sharing Content with Google Aplications 165 Chapter 12 Getting Your Message Out with Blogger 167 Chapter 13 Managing Your Blog 187 Chapter 14 Getting More from YouTube 197 Chapter 15 Getting the Picture with Picasa and Picnik 207 Part V Google Social and Collaboration Ap Secrets 219 Chapter 16 Google Talk Secrets 221 Chapter 17 Staying Connected with G oogle Voice 229 Chapter 18 Catching the Buzz: Google Buzz 237 Chapter 19 Socializing with Orkut 245 Chapter 20 Expanding Knowledge on the Web with Knol 253 Chapter 21 Getting Involved in Google G roups 261 Part VI Google Productivity Aps Secrets 269 Chapter 22 Creating More with Google Docs 271 Chapter 23 Designing Better Presentations 283 Chapter 24 Calculating Answers with S preadsheet 293 Chapter 25 Demystifying Google Forms and Drawing 301 Chapter 26 Scheduling Better with Google Calendar 309 Chapter 27 Navigating Better with Google Maps 321 Part VII Google Website Secrets 337 Chapter 28 Building Your Home on the Web with Google Sites 339 Chapter 29 Improving Your Website with Google's Apps 351 Chapter 30 Implementing Google Analytics 361 Chapter 31 Using Google Analytics for eCommerce 373 Chapter 32 Integrating Google Analytics with AdWords 387 Chapter 33 Tweaking Google Analytics 401 Part VIII Android Secrets 413 Chapter 34 Getting More Done with A ndroid 415 Chapter 35 Creating Android Apps 425 Index 443
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Yvette Davis
John Wiley & Sons Inc
John Wiley & Sons Inc
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New York
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United States
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