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Buzzard Bait

Brett Cogburn

  • Paperback
PUBLISHED: 21st August 2017
ISBN: 9780786041664
Buzzard Bait
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  • Paperback
PUBLISHED: 21st August 2017
ISBN: 9780786041664

Publisher Description

Two-time Spur Award winner Brett Cogburn brings back the true grit and glory of the Old West-with a hero as glorious as the author?s real-life ancestor Rooster Cogburn . . . THEY CALL HIM THE "WIDOWMAKER" Newt Jones is none too proud of his deadly nickname. But when you tangle with the likes of Judge Roy Bean and the notorious Mexican outlaw Juan Cortina, a man?s bound to earn a reputation. Or get stuck with a monicker like "Widowmaker." Even so, Newt is ready to put his gunslinging days behind him, hang up his Winchester, and take it easy. There?s just one problem- Ain?t nothing easy about living in Apache country . . . When Newt gets word that a renegade tribe has kidnapped Mattilda Redding?s grandson, he can?t just sit by and let the local authorities bungle it. Mattilda once did him a good turn up on the Pecos and-flat broke and half drunk or not-he?s got to help the old gal out. So he saddles up his medicine horse, straps on his dead man?s gun, and sets off to save this boy before he?s buzzard chow. Sure, Newt?s outnumbered, outgunned, and probably out of his mind. But they don?t call him Widowmaker Jones for nothing . . . Praise for Spur Award winner Brett Cogburn "Fans of frontier arcana will revel in Cogburn?s readable prose and lively characters." -Publishers Weekly on Rooster "Cogburn amazes and astounds." -Booklist

Author Biography

Some folks are just born to tell tall tales. Brett Cogburn was reared in Texas and the mountains of Southeastern Oklahoma. He was fortunate enough for many years to make his living from the back of a horse, where on cold mornings cowboys still straddled frisky broncs and dragged calves to the branding fire on the end of a rope from their saddlehorns. Growing up around ranches, livestock auctions, and backwoods hunting camps filled Brett?s head with stories, and he never forgot a one. In his own words- "My grandfather taught me to ride a bucking horse, my mother gave me a love of reading, and my father taught me how to hunt my own meat and shoot straight. Cowboys are just as wild as they ever were, and I?ve been damn lucky to have known more than a few." The West is still teaching him how to write. Brett Cogburn lives in Oklahoma with his family.

Product Details

Brett Cogburn
Kensington Publishing
A Widowmaker Jones Western
Country of Publication
United States
Publication Date