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Become a Youtuber - Build Your Own Youtube Channel

by Cristina Calabrese

PUBLISHED: 8th December 2017
ISBN: 9781119404200
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PUBLISHED: 8th December 2017
ISBN: 9781119404200

Publisher Description


If you're the type who goes to YouTube for everything from entertainment to information to a way to communicate with your friends, this is the book you need to build a channel worth subscribing to. Packed with the advice of a video production teacher who's created her own channel, this book offers step-by-step advice for building a YouTube audience.

Launch your channel establish a home on YouTube where people can find your work

Create your videos apply production tricks to create videos that viewers watch over and over again

Collaborate with your audience build a relationship with your viewers that helps your audience grow

Author Biography

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Cristina Calabrese is a founding member of and Director of Marketing for The Digital Arts Experience (The DAE), a STEAM-focused learning center for kids and adults located in Scarsdale, NY. She runs her own gaming channel on YouTube in her spare time.

Table of Contents

Introduction xv

About This Book xv

Foolish Assumptions xvi

Icons Used in This Book xvi

Where to Go from Here xvii

Chapter 1: Creating Awesome Content 1

The Three C's of YouTube 2

Recognizing the Importance of Community 2

Coming Up with a Theme 4

Consistency Is Key 5

The Success Formula 6

Going Viral 7

The Six-Month Challenge 8

Chapter 2: Setting Up Your Channel 11

Setting Up Your Account 12

Navigating Your Channel 14

Customizing Your Account Settings 16

Choosing a Good Channel Icon 22

Creating a Channel Banner 24

Adding Social Icons to Your Banner 26

Getting Started with Graphic Design 27

Figuring Out What Programs to Use 28

Chapter 3: Creating an Intro Trailer 29

Breaking Down the Process 30

Brainstorming 30

Filming and Uploading Your Trailer 37

Setting Your Channel Trailer 38

Chapter 4: Shooting Your Video 41

Choosing the Right Camera 42

Using Webcams 42

Shooting on Mobile 47

Upping Your Game with Digital Cameras 49

Using Shot Angles to Add Interest 49

Paying Attention to Lighting 51

Picking Up Audio 51

Practice Makes Perfect 53

Chapter 5: Editing 55

Importing Footage 56

Cutting Clips 57

Adding Text, Transitions, and Audio 59

Reviewing and Exporting 63

Exploring Advanced Export Settings 64

Looking at Video-Editing Software 65

Chapter 6: Uploading Your Video 67

Your Upload Checklist 68

Uploading Your Video to YouTube 68

Finding Everything You Need in Info & Settings 69

Exploring Advanced Features 79

Accessing Your Videos through Video Manager 85

Chapter 7: Sharing Your Video 87

Encouraging Friends 88

Extending Beyond YouTube 88

Recognizing the Importance of Subscribers 92

Chapter 8: Tracking Your Video Performance 95

Accessing YouTube Analytics 96

Breaking Down the Numbers 97

Responding to Comments 105

Exploring Further 108

Chapter 9: Going Further with More Features 111

Making Money with Your Videos 112

Live Streaming on YouTube 116

Enabling Sponsorships 124

Organizing Playlists 125

Product Details

John Wiley & Sons Inc
Publication Date
Country of Publication
United States
Cristina Calabrese
Build Your Own YouTube Channel
Dummies Junior
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Become a YouTuber
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