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Bulletproof: The Cookbook: Lose Up to a Pound a Day, Increase Your Energy, and End Food Cravings for Good

by Dave Asprey

  • Hardcover
ISBN: 9781623366032
The companion cookbook to The Bulletproof Diet, with 125 delicious, kickass recipes.
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  • Hardcover
ISBN: 9781623366032
The companion cookbook to The Bulletproof Diet, with 125 delicious, kickass recipes.


The companion cookbook to The Bulletproof Diet, with 125 delicious, kickass recipes.

Publisher Description

In The Bulletproof Diet, Dave Asprey turned conventional diet wisdom on its head, outlining the plan responsible for his 100-pound weight loss, which he came to by "biohacking" his body and optimising every aspect of his health. Dave urges readers to skip breakfast, stop counting calories, eat high levels of healthy saturated fat, work out less, sleep better, and add smart supplements. In doing so, he promises, they'll gain energy, build lean muscle, and watch the pounds melt off-just as he and so many of his devoted followers already have. The Bulletproof Diet is a blueprint to better total-body health, laying out compelling research and testimonials to support Dave's groundbreaking and impressive plan.

Bulletproof: The Cookbook picks up where the plan leaves off, arming readers with 125 recipes to stay bulletproof for life and never get bored.

Author Biography

Dave Asprey is the author of the bestselling The Bulletproof Diet and creator of Bulletproof Coffee. He is the chairman of the Silicon Valley Health Institute and host of Bulletproof Radio, a nationally syndicated show and #1 ranked podcast with 9 million downloads. He has been featured on the Today show, Nightline, Rolling Stone, Men's Health, Vogue, Marie Claire, Slate, and elsewhere. He lives in Victoria, BC and Seattle, WA.

Promotional "Headline"

The companion cookbook to The Bulletproof Diet, with 125 delicious, kickass recipes.

Excerpt from Book

CHAPTER 1 THE BULLETPROOF PRINCIPLES Maybe you''re reading this book and already biohacking your way to Bullet proof living. You may listen to every episode of Bulletproof Radio, read every word on the Bulletproof blog, and constantly refine your program to achieve optimal performance. You may even decide to skip straight to the recipes because you''ve seen the incredible results the Bulletproof approach offers, and you just can''t wait to get straight to the delicious Bulletproof food. And that''s OK. However, whether you''re new to Bulletproof or an experienced biohacker, take the time to read this opening chapter as a reminder of why we do what we do, and a refresher for the basic principles that define being Bulletproof. First and foremost, this is a cookbook, a collection of Bulletproof recipes designed to make eating within the plan easy and satisfying, not to mention enjoyable. But before we roll up our sleeves to get into ingredients and food preparation, I''d like to underscore the foundational ideas that informed the creation of the recipes and also answer some common questions about the Bulletproof Diet. If you''re new to all things Bulletproof, this chapter will give you a solid orientation to the philosophy, research, and goals that lead to the Bulletproof state of high performance. These are lessons with the power to change your life. Becoming Bulletproof isn''t a quick fix or a fad; it''s a new way to understand your physical state and tweak it to bring out unforeseen levels of energy and functionality. It''s not about being invincible. It''s about adding so much to your energy and willpower reserves that you feel you can "bring it" no matter what life brings your way. For me, when I weighed 300

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Dave Asprey
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Rodale Books
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United States
The Cookbook
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