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Star Wars the Visual Encyclopedia


ISBN: 9780241288467
Star Wars the Visual Encyclopedia
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ISBN: 9780241288467

Publisher Description

Take a stunning visual tour of Star Wars with DK's comprehensive pictorial guide to the galaxy far, far away!

From lightsabers and beasts to food and clothing, Star Wars- The Visual Encyclopedia is a virtual museum of a book. Explore beautiful galleries with more than 2,500 images, and discover facts about Star Wars culture, science and geography.

Throwing the spotlight onto carefully curated images and beautiful photography, Star Wars- The Visual Encyclopedia showcases characters and objects from episodes I-VII, Star Wars Rebels, Star Wars- The Clone Wars and Rogue One- A Star Wars Story. This stunning visual tour of the Star Wars galaxy celebrates everything from extreme architecture and hardworking droids, to ferocious sea creatures and decadent royal gowns.

Sections include- Geography, Nature, History, Culture and Science and Technology.

Foreword by Dennis Muren, Senior Creative Director, Industrial Light and Music


Author Biography

Tricia Barr fell in love with Star Wars in 1977 at the age of eight. An acclaimed writer, she co-authored Ultimate Star Wars and regularly contributes feature articles to Star Wars Insider magazine. She is the founder of the influential FANgirl Blog and co-hosts the popular podcasts Fangirls Going Rogue and Hyperspace Theories. Adam Bray is the author of DK's Star Wars Rebels: The Visual Guide and Epic Battles, and a co-author for Ultimate Star Wars, Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know, and LEGO Star Wars: Chronicles of the Force. Adam is a contributor to the official blog at, and a guest commentator on many Star Wars fan podcasts. Cole Horton is an author, historian, and games industry professional. He is the author and co-author of many Star Wars books, including Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know and LEGO Star Wars: Chronicles of the Force.

Table of Contents

1: Geography

1: Map of the Galaxy 2: Inner Planets 3: Outer Rim Planets 4: Wild Space and Unknown Regions Planets 5: Other Celestial Bodies 6: Physical Geography 7: Urban Geography 8: Architecture

2: Nature

1: Aquatic Creatures 2: Aerial Creatures 3: Space Creatures 4: Bugs, Beasts and Invertebrates 5: Mammals 6: Amphibians and Reptiles 7: Wet Habitat Sentients 8: Dry Habitat Sentients 9: Adaptive Sentients 10: Plants

3: History 1: Timeline

2: Galactic Politics 3: The Senate 4: Wartime Senate 5: The Jedi Council 6: The Jedi 7: The Sith 8: The Separatists 9: Regional Politics 10: The Empire 11: Rebels 12: A New Era 13: Military Officers 14: Soldiers 15: Pilots 16: War 17: Criminal Organisations 18: Criminal Professions

4: Culture

1: Royal Outfits 2: Occasion Wear 3: Everyday Wear 4: Work Clothing 5: Protective Clothing 6: Armour 7: Helmets: Intragalactic Militaries 8: Helmets: Best of the Rest 9: Accessories 10: Musical Instruments 11: Musicians and Entertainers 12: Leisure 13: Podracing 14: Podracers 15: Fresh Food 16: Processed Food 17: Luggage 18: Furniture 19: Interior Design 20: Art 21: Ethnography 22: Languages of the Galaxy

5: Science and Technology

1: The Force 2: Cloning 3: Cyborgs 4: Space Technology 5: Camera Droids 6: Labour Droids 7: Service Droids 8: Protocol Droids 9: Astromech Droids 10: War Droids 11: Interrogation and Security Droids 12: Medical Droids 13: Communications Technology 14: Information 15: Health and Safety 16: Equipment 17: Field Gear 18: Binoculars 19: Stationary Weapons 20: Blasters: The Good 21: Blasters: The Bad 22: Rifles
23: Unusual Weapons and Poisons 24: Projectiles and Shields 25: Melee Weapons 26: Lightsabers 27: Conventional Lightsabers 28: Unorthodox Lightsabers 29: Superweapons 30: Warships 31: Space Travel 32: Starfighters
33: Air Vehicles
34: Surface and Sea Vehicles 35: Walkers 36: Tanks

6: Index 7: Acknowledgements


[It] serves as an optimal resource for fans to turn to for more information The holy grail for any fan Gorgeous and super informative Star Wars (TM) The Visual Encyclopedia is a dream come true...and a must-read This book is virtually a one-stop shop for literally all your Star Wars trivia needs. It is exactly what is says on the cover - a visual encyclopedia, meaning a wealth of just about everything anybody could ever want to know about the Star Wars universe... The Force is strong in this book! Starburst Magazine online This encyclopedia is absolutely packed with information about every imaginable part of the Star Wars universe. How it Works An invaluable resource for Star Wars fans IGN A virtual tour of Lucasfilm's prop shop, as eye-bogglingly comprehensive as any fan could wish for. Total Film

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Dorling Kindersley Ltd
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United Kingdom