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Words Their Way Letter and Picture Sorts for Emergent Spellers

Donald R. Bear, Marcia Invernizzi, Francine Johnston and Shane Templeton

  • Paperback
ISBN: 9780134773674
Words Their Way Letter and Picture Sorts for Emergent Spellers
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  • Paperback
ISBN: 9780134773674

Publisher Description

The ideal stage-specific companion to Words Their Way: Word Study for Phonics, Vocabulary, and Spelling Instruction In keeping with the authors' belief that the hands-on, word sorting approach to word study is invaluable to teachers and students alike, this volume presents prepared sorts and activities covering the full curriculum of word study for students who are in the emergent stage of spelling development. Complete with 26 sorts, and dozens of other activities and assessments, this book provides all of the resources needed to teach phonological awareness, alphabet knowledge, initial letter sounds, concepts about print, and concept of word in text. Together, the Words Their Way core text and this supplement provide teachers with the knowledge and tools to meet the wide range of needs in today's classrooms. The 3rd Edition includes enhanced step-by-step directions for each sort; additional assessments; expanded syllable, rhyme, and font sorts; and reorganized chapters to make word study more teacher- and student-friendly.

Author Biography

Donald R. Bear is Professor Emeritus in Literacy and Director of Literacy Centers at Iowa State University and University the University of Nevada, Reno. A former elementary teacher, Donald currently researches literacy development with a special interest in students who speak different languages and he partners with schools and districts to think about how to assess and conduct literacy instruction. Marcia Invernizzi is Henderson Professor of Reading Education in the Curry School of Education at the University of Virginia. She and her multilingual doctoral students enjoy exploring developmental universals in non-English orthographies. A former English and reading teacher, Marcia extends her experience working with children who experience difficulties learning to read and write in numerous intervention programs, such as Virginia's Early Intervention Reading Initiative and Book Buddies. Francine Johnston is retired from the Department of Teacher Education at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro where she served as Director of Graduate Studies, Coordinator of the Reading Masters Program, and ran a clinic for struggling readers. Francine worked as a first grade teacher and reading specialist for 12 years before getting her doctorate at the University of Virginia where she first learned about a developmental approach to word study and worked with Dr. Marcia Invernizzi to develop word study materials and activities. She consults with school districts across the country and frequently serves as a professional development speaker. Francine is a co-author of many books, including Words Their Way: Word Study for Phonics, Vocabulary, and Spelling Instruction. Shane Templeton is Foundation Professor Emeritus of Literacy Studies in the College of Education at the University of Nevada, Reno. A former classroom teacher at the primary and secondary levels, he has focused his research on the development of orthographic and vocabulary knowledge. He has written several books on the teaching and learning of reading and language arts and is a member of the Usage Panel of the American Heritage Dictionary. Francine, Donald, Marcia, and Shane are the core authors of the Words Their Way

Table of Contents

BRIEF TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Assessments for the Emergent Stage 2. Concept Sorts 3. Phonological Awareness Picture Sorts 4. Alphabet Knowledge 5. Word Study for Initial Letter Sounds 6. Concepts about Print and Concept of Word in Text DETAILED TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Assessments for the Emergent Stage Notes for the Teacher Assessment Summary Sheet and Other Forms Alphabet Assessments Phonological Assessments Phonics and Spelling Assessments Concepts About Print Assessments Concept of Word Assessments Emergent Assessment Summary Sheet Alphabet Recognition: Capitals Alphabet Recognition: Lowercase Syllable Sort Rhyme Identification with Pictures Alliteration-Beginning Sound Match Beginning Consonant Sounds and Letters Qualitative Spelling Checklist for Emergent and Letter Name-Alphabetic Stages Emergent Class Record Kindergarten Spelling Inventory Concepts about Print Assessment Concepts about Print Sort: "Picture, Letter, Word, or Sentence" Concept of Word in Text: Recording Form for Humpty Dumpty Humpty Dumpty Word Recognition in Isolation for Humpty Dumpty Concept of Word in Text: Recording Form Template 2. Concept Sorts Notes for the Teacher Standard Routines for Concept Sorts Sort 1: Food and Not Food Sort 2: Fruits and Vegetables Sort 3: Food Sort Sort 4: Shapes: Circles, Triangles, and Squares Sort 5: Animals and Plants Sort 6: Clothing Sort 7: Cleaning Items 3. Phonological Awareness Picture Sorts Notes for the Teacher Standard Routines for Phonological Awareness Rhyme Sorts Sort 8: Oh, A-Hunting We Will Go and Rhyming Pairs Sort 9: Rhyming Dust Bunnies Sort 10: Frog on a Log? and Rhyming Pairs Sort 11: Here Are My Hands and Rhyming with Body Parts Sort 12A, B, and C: Rhyming Sorts for "I Can''t," Said the Ant Syllable Sorts Sort 13A and B: Syllables and The Very Hungry Caterpillar Sort 14: Animals and Syllables Sort 15A and B: Compound Cupcakes 4. Alphabet Knowledge Notes for the Teacher Letters I Read Standard Routines for Learning the Alphabet Sort 16: Rhyming Letters Alphabet Tracking Alphabet Tracking Strips Alphabet Squares for Sequencing and Matching Alphabet Squares (Capitals) Alphabet Squares (Lowercase) Letter Lotto Letter Lotto Board Sort 17 A, B, C, and D: Font Sorts Sort 17 A: Fonts For B, P, D, Q Sort 17 B: Fonts For F, I, J, T Sort 17 C: Fonts For H, M, N, U Sort 17 D: Fonts for Vowels 5. Word Study for Initial Letter Sounds Notes for the Teacher Reading Selections and Targeted Words Standard Routines For Beginning Consonant Sorts Word Study With English Language Learners The Gingerbread Man (Introducing M & R with Lines From a Story) Gingerbread Man Word Study: Sort 18: Beginning Consonant Sounds: M & R Sort 19: Rhyming Sort for An and At Hey Diddle Diddle: Introduce C & D With a Nursery Rhyme Hey Diddle Diddle Sentence Strips for Hey Diddle Diddle Word Study: Sort 20: Beginning Consonant Sounds: D & C Sort 21: Concept Sort for Real and Make Believe Letter Page B Letter Page C Letter Page D Letter Page F Letter Page G Letter Page H Letter Page J Letter Page K Letter Page L Letter Page M Letter Page N Letter Page P Letter Page R Letter Page S Letter Page T Letter Page V Letter Page W Letter Page Y Letter Page Z More Selections 6. Concepts about Print and Concept of Word in Text Notes for the Teacher Standard Routines for Cap and Cow-T Five Little Ducks Word Study: Sort 22: Beginning Consonant Sounds F, D, & H The Remaining Selections Good Morning to You Happy Birthday Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Rain on the Green Grass 1 Sort 23: Concept Sort for Rainy Day, Sunny Day Rain Raining Animals Open and Close Lollipops Soft Kitty Jack and Jill Oh, A-Hunting we will Go Frame Sentences for Oh A-Hunting We Will Go Valentines Yo-Yo Zoo Fuzzy Wuzzy Jump Rope Circle This is the Way Frame Sentences: This is the Way Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear Row, Row, Row Your Boat Pat A Cake, Pat A Cake Sort 24: Rhyming Sets "Old Mister Rabbit" Hickory Dickory Dock My Fruit Socks, Shoes, Caps, and Gloves Peas Porridge Hot Word Cards for Peas Porridge Hot Sort 25: Concept Sort for Opposites Five Little Monkeys Ten in the Bed Hop a Little, Jump a Little One, Two, Buckle My Shoe Sort 26: Rhyming with Numbers Rags Appendix

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Donald R. Bear, Marcia Invernizzi, Francine Johnston, Shane Templeton
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