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GIS Cartography

Gretchen N Peterson

  • Hardcover
PUBLISHED: 30th June 2014
ISBN: 9781482220674
GIS Cartography
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  • Hardcover
PUBLISHED: 30th June 2014
ISBN: 9781482220674

Publisher Description

In the five years since the publication of the first edition of A Guide to Effective Map Design, cartography and software have become further intertwined. However, the initial motivation for publishing the first edition is still valid: many GISers enter the field without so much as one hour of design instruction in their formal education. Yet they are then tasked with creating one the most effective, easily recognized communication tools: a map.

See What's New in the Second Edition

Projection theory Hexagonal binning Big Data point density maps Scale dependent map design 3D building modeling Digital cartography and its best practices Updated graphics and references Study questions and lab exercises at the end of each chapter

In this second edition of a bestseller, author Gretchen Peterson takes a "don't let the technology get in the way" approach to the presentation, focusing on the elements of good design, what makes a good map, and how to get there, rather than specific software tools. She provides a reference that you can thumb through time and again as you create your maps. Copiously illustrated, the second edition explores novel concepts that kick-start your pursuit of map-making excellence. The book doesn't just teach you how to design and create maps, it teaches you how to design and create better maps.

Table of Contents

Introduction On Design Experience Constructive Criticism What Is a Geoprofessional? Tick-Tock Goes the Clock Why Good Design Matters Audience How to Use This Book Skipping the How-Tos to Get Straight to the Good Stuff Relative Map Scales Endnotes

Creative Inspiration You Can Be Creative Doing Seeing An Example of How to See Applying All of This to Your Map Summary and Final Prodding Creative Maps A Few Places to Start Seeing Art from Your Desktop Endnotes Exercise

Layout Design All Together Now Layout Checklist Element Details and Examples Style Context Arrangement Emphasis Maps and Wireframes Simplicity versus Complexity Margins Balance Endnotes Suggestions for Further Reading Study Questions Exercises

Fonts Choosing the Right Font Serif versus Sans Serif Modifying the Font Placing the Text Text Direction Study Questions Resources Endnotes

Color Color Theory RGB Hexadecimal HSV HSL CMYK CIELAB Rules Inspiration Grayscale Modern Endnotes Resources Study Questions Exercises

Features Roads Rivers and Streams Bodies of Water Cities and Towns Political Boundaries Fuzzy Features Parcels Currents Wind Temperature Land Use and Land Cover Trails Utilities Impervious Surface Basins Buildings Soils Geology Endnotes Suggestions for Further Reading Study Questions Exercises

Static Maps DPI Export Formats and Workflow Slides Presentation Style: Fast or Slow, Busy or Simple? Reports Posters Dual Purposes Endnotes Suggestions for Further Reading Study Questions Exercise

Projections Distortions: Where Projections Fall Flat Map Considerations: Choosing a Suitable Projection Directional Types Choosing a Projection in the Real World Endnotes Resources Study Questions Exercises

Zoom-Level Design Zoom Levels and Scales Zoom Fields Incremental Styling Repetition Testing a Multizoom Design Endnotes Resources Study Questions Exercises Appendix A: Layout Sketches Appendix B: Map Examples Appendix C: Color Swatches


"Students and novice map designers will benefit greatly by this resource, but even the seasoned cartographic professional can glean some useful information from it." -The GIS Professional, July/August 2015

"This book is an excellent text for the practicing GIS professional and for anyone who wants to know both the theoretical as well as practical underpinnings of Cartography." -Jack Dangermond, Esri President

"... Ms. Peterson provides easy-to-understand, detailed guidance on creating effective mapped communications. ... an excellent resource for geo-professionals and early career mapmakers alike. ... significantly contributes to better communications between mapmakers and the decision makers and consumers who need to understand phenomena being mapped. I highly recommend it to readers who want to tell the story of their studies in maps and don't want limitations in design to detract from their important analytical message." -J. Edward Pickle, Chief Executive Officer, Boundless

" ... Gretchen Peterson demystifies successful cartographic communication. She reveals that it is not talent or templates that make great maps; it is the insightful coordination of each graphic element. In user-friendly language, Peterson presents insight that cartographers and GIS professionals - at all levels - can use to improve the quality of the work." -Dave Imus, Imus Geographics

Product Details

Gretchen N Peterson
Apple Academic Press Inc.
Country of Publication
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Short Title
A Guide to Effective Map Design, Second Edition
232 Illustrations, black and white
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