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Te Wahapu: Launch Yourself Into Te Reo Maori

by Ian Cormack

  • Paperback
PUBLISHED: 5th September 2011
ISBN: 9780170185714
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  • Paperback
PUBLISHED: 5th September 2011
ISBN: 9780170185714

Publisher Description

Te Wahapu is the second book in this comprehensive, enjoyable and easily understandable self-tuition course for Maori language. Te Rere o te Reo offers an up-to-date bilingual approach to mastering te reo Maori, designed for learners of all backgrounds in today's world. As notable Maori language advocate Piripi Walker says in his foreword: 'Te Wahapu, like Te Hikuwai before it, provides all the steps you need for mastery of the first stages of speaking and writing idiomatic Maori. It has been located within real-life activities of contemporary people, scenarios which imagine you using Maori, in Maori-speaking networks, in modern settings. The books offer a reference text, workbook and audio resource all in one. They are structured in units, each opening with a dialogue and followed by explanations of words, expressions and language patterns. Exercises and activities - with space for your answers - reinforce key points of learning at every step. In the classroom - Te Rere o te Reo (the flow of language) is a foundation course in three levels: Te Hikuwai (the stream); Te Wahapu (the river mouth); Te Moana Waiwai (the open sea). Teachers will find that the course's design for self-tuition enhances its classroom use with secondary students, as well as adult learners, launching into Maori language. Te Wahapu along with Te Hikuwai form at least two-thirds of a three-year basic course. The course overall will offer teachers and students all the resources they need for students to achieve NCEA Level 1 in the language.

Author Biography

Ian Cormack (Ngati Mamoe, Ngai Tahu) draws on decades of experience as a teacher, writer, editor and translator of Maori for the design of this series. As an adult he has also learned Greek, Italian, German, French, Mandarin and Russian, as well as Maori. His own learning has put him totally in tune with the needs of other language learners. He is a Maori Language Commission-qualified interpreter and translator of Maori.

Table of Contents

Te W ¤hanga Tuatahi | Section 1 1 Talking about the day, now, and times before 2 Being particular with ‘t «tahi’ and ‘ «tahi’ 3 Talking about numbers of people 4 Three or more of ‘us’, ‘you’, and ‘them’ 5 Saying what is and what is not happening 6 Days of the week and the date He hoki whakamuri 1 Te W ¤hanga Tuarua | Section 2 7 Talking about likes and dislikes 8 Using ‘kua’ to talk about the past and present 9 Talking about ‘your’, ‘our’ and ‘their’ with plural pronouns 10 Commands and cautions 11 Using verbs to give commands 12 Talking about the time He hoki whakamuri 2 Te W ¤hanga Tuatoru | Section 3 13 Talking about months and looking to the future 14 More ways to talk about future and past actions 15 More ways to talk about belonging and doing 16 Ways to talk about ‘for’, ‘about’ and wants 17 Money and prices He hoki whakamuri 3 Te W ¤hanga Tuawh ¤ | Section 4 18 Talking about having and not having 19 Saying what something is not 20 Making comparisons 21 Talking about when something will happen 22 Referring to something mentioned before 23 Asking and saying when something happened He hoki whakamuri 4 Answer Key Dictionary M ¤ori – English English – M ¤ori

Product Details

Ian Cormack
Cengage Learning New Zealand
Launch Yourself into Te Reo Maori
Country of Publication
New Zealand
Publication Date
Short Title
Te Wahapu
Primary & Secondary/Elementary & High School

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05 Sep, 2017
By Dan