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Retox: Yoga*Food*Attitude Healthy Solutions for Real Life

Lauren Imparato

  • Paperback
ISBN: 9780425278505
Retox: Yoga*Food*Attitude Healthy Solutions for Real Life
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  • Paperback
ISBN: 9780425278505

Publisher Description

Too many health gurus promise a "new you" built around self-deprivation, bodily purity and dietary restrictions. But let's get real. Sometimes you just need a hangover cure that actually works. Or a yoga pose you can do at your desk. Or a way to debloat what feels like an alien baby in your abdomen. In RETOX, health expert, Lauren Imparato, offers a no-nonsense approach to health for the life you already live - working hard, playing hard and renewing your balance and energy so you can do it all again. Lauren Imparato is a former Wall Street trader and Vice President of Morgan Stanley who quit her job to start her own yoga studio and become a qualified yoga instructor and a wellness coach. Lauren has taught thousands of students in New York, Barcelona, Madrid, Ibiza, Panama and elsewhere. She and her popular blog, I.AM.YOU, have been featured in over 170 media outlets including Women's Health, Vogue, Harper's, New York Magazine, the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal and she has worked with major corporations including Whole Foods, tumblr, Gawker, Conde Nast, Lululemon, Victoria Secret Sport, Morgan Stanley, Barclays and more

Author Biography

Lauren Imparato is a former Wall Street trader and Vice President of Morgan Stanley who quit her job to start her own yoga studio and become a certified yoga instructor and a wellness coach. She lives in New York.


"If you are in pursuit of happiness and health, you will find a fresh take with Retox--a perfect blend of yoga food and attitude!"--Jason Wachob, founder and CEO of mindbodygreen "Finally a book with tools for everyday life that are easy to follow and understand."--Eve, Grammy Award-winning recording artist and actress

"Retox brings the sexy to mindful living. Lauren provides us with realistic ways to show up as the best version of ourselves and to fully enjoy this beautiful life we have been given."--Michael Franti, musician

"With a deep understanding of anatomy and physiology, in Retox, Lauren writes a fun and entertaining book that shows both students and instructors ways to maximize the value of yoga."--Francis X. Mendoza, MD

"An important work that will appeal to and help so many. Retox is going to change the health of so many confused souls and show them a way to feel good every day."--Joel Kahn MD, Professor of Medicine, Wayne State University School of Medicine, author of The Whole Heart Solution and Dead Execs Don't Get Bonuses

"Retox provides actionable steps towards a healthy life and, most importantly, balance. This book will help you discover the "new you" you've been waiting to meet, free of deprivation and negative self-talk."--Joshua Rosenthal, Founder & Director of The Institute for Integrative Nutrition

"Retox helps you eat your way to creating your strongest, healthiest you."--Terry Wahls, MD, author The Wahls Protocol: A Radical New Way to Treat All Chronic Autoimmune Conditions

"Retox is about living healthy and empowered in a world full of doubt and toxicity. This book will move you to practice, to receive the wisdom of your simplest acts of wellness, and give you healthy habits that are both accessible and joyful. If you're seeking full self-acceptance and comprehensive nourishment, I dare you to Retox!"--Elena Brower, Meditation and Yoga Teacher, Author of Art of Attention

"Retox is such a fresh take on living. Lauren invites us to live intuitively, a deserved freedom for all of us, especially in a time when there's so much restriction around food and body image."--Emily Nolan, Founder, My Kind of Life

"I love Retox. Flat out funny yet meticulously centered on healthy and achievable, everyday, good recipes and tips. Cuts through the crap and gets you eating what you need to be, without the pressure, guilt, or added expense but with all the enjoyment. It illustrates the important balance of leading a healthy life without forgoing the important pleasures in life."--Chef Seamus Mullen

"Yoga for the modern life! You need to delve deep into Lauren's book. Her insights and information are both illuminating and highly entertaining."--Mick Rock

"In Retox, Lauren tells it like it is and actually makes you want to eat what's good for you. She keeps the fun in food."--Chef Michael White, Altamarea Group

"Lauren vibrates with energy and love; she encapsulates physical and mental well-being. Retox is all about this energy. Very inspiring and very practical...[Lauren's] brand is one of the most authentic ones in the wellness space."--Bernard Mariette, CEO, Lole

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Lauren Imparato
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Berkley Books
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United States
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Yoga * Food * Attitude Healthy Solutions for Real Life