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The Inner Reality: Jesus, Krishna, and the Way of Awakening

Paul Brunton

ISBN: 9781623170165
Previously published: London: Rider, 1970.
The Inner Reality: Jesus, Krishna, and the Way of Awakening
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ISBN: 9781623170165
Previously published: London: Rider, 1970.


Previously published: London: Rider, 1970.

Publisher Description

When Christopher Reeve was asked in a BBC interview which book he would want if stranded on a desert island, he replied, "The Inner Reality by the philosopher Paul Brunton." First published in the 1930s, this remarkable book skillfully interweaves the teachings of two great religious figures- Jesus and Krishna. Identifying a common current running through both Christianity and Hinduism, Brunton argues that an "inner reality" or "kingdom of heaven" can be found within each of us. Defining religion as, simply, the practice of binding oneself with divinity, he prepares readers for a quest leading to mystical communion and the realization of one's highest spiritual potential. Centrally important to success in this inner adventure is meditation--properly practiced according to one's life situation. Brunton carefully explains this inward process, the essential experiential shifts that occur as meditation deepens, and the signs of success for each stage. To "be still" connects us with the liberating forces of the Overself, and even a brief period of quiet can yield tremendous results. Brunton emphasizes a life balance that considers the needs of the whole person. He points out common errors of spiritual seekers and the dangers of occultism. Through unfolding the initiatory teachings hidden within the Lord's Prayer, the Gospel of St. John, and the Seven Beatitudes as well as the teachings of Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita, he skillfully maps a journey into our rich interior world. With his grounded and practical knowledge of the world's spiritual traditions, Paul Brunton is a trusted guide in this great inner adventure.

Author Biography

Born in London in 1898, Paul Brunton published  13 books between 1935 and 1952. He is generally recognized as having introduced yoga and meditation to the West, and for presenting their philosophical background in non-technical language. He died in Switzerland, where he lived for 20 years, in 1981.


"Paul Brunton was surely one of the finest mystical flowers to grow on the wasteland of our secular civilization. What he has to say is important to us all." --Georg Feuerstein, author of The Yoga Tradition: Its History, Literature, Philosophy and Practice "[Paul Brunton is] a person of rare intelligence ... thoroughly alive, and whole in the most significant, 'holy' sense of the word." --Yoga Journal

"An uncommonly interesting volume by one of the leading exponents of the Yoga Philosophy to the Western world. The author gives an entirely new interpretation of the Seven Beatitudes, and a most illuminating exposition of the life of Jesus during the years between childhood and maturity..." --Johannesburg Sunday Times

"This is in some ways the most helpful and practical of the books of this popular writer of mysticism. Brunton's presentation of his methods is clear and reasonable." --The Knoxville News-Sentinel [Tennessee]

"Paul Brunton, who has taken upon himself the task of explaining yoga philosophy to the West, has produced The Inner Reality which is a further step on the path to a deeper revelation of the true meaning of yoga." --Illustrated Weekly of India [Bombay]

"The Inner Realty is one of those delightful books.... Its chief asset is a profound simplicity, which leads you all the while nearer to a more complete understand of man and the universe. There is not a dull page and hardly a paragraph that does not sparkle with some gem of truth. How much the modern world needs those words when hatred and fear and suspicion are poisoning the minds and corrupting the hearts of men." --The Two Worlds [Manchester, England]

"Rather astounding doctrine this to come from one wholly sold on the idea of Yoga. A mingling of the mystical and material is what Paul Brunton pleads for.... No book can assist more in this search than Mr. Brunton's Discover Yourself." --Sutton Place magazine [New York City]

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Paul Brunton
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North Atlantic Books
Jesus, Krishna, and the Way of Awakening
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