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The Ghost Warriors: Inside Israel's Undercover War Against Suicide Terrorism

Samuel M. Katz

  • Hardcover
ISBN: 9781592409013
The Ghost Warriors: Inside Israel's Undercover War Against Suicide Terrorism
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  • Hardcover
ISBN: 9781592409013

Publisher Description

It was the deadliest terror campaign ever mounted against a nation in modern times- the al-Aqsa, or Second, Intifada. This is the untold story of how Israel fought back with an elite force of undercover operatives, drawn from the nation's diverse backgrounds and ethnicities-and united in their ability to walk among the enemy as no one else dared.

Beginning in late 2000, as black smoke rose from burning tires and rioters threw rocks in the streets, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Arafat's Palestinian Authority embarked on a strategy of sending their terrorists to slip undetected into Israel's towns and cities to set the country ablaze, unleashing suicide attacks at bus stops, discos, pizzerias-wherever people gathered.

But Israel fielded some of the most capable and cunning special operations forces in the world. The Ya'mas, the National Police Border Guard undercover counterterrorism special operations unit, became Israel's eyes-on-target response. Launched on intelligence provided by the Shin Bet, indigenous Arabic-speaking Dovrim, or 'Speakers,' operated in the West Bank, Jerusalem, and Gaza infiltrated the treacherous confines where the terrorists lived hidden in plain sight. They set the stage for the intrepid tactical specialists who often found themselves under fire and outnumbered in their effort to apprehend those responsible for the carnage inside Israel. This is their compelling true story- a tale of daring and deception that could happen only in the powder keg of the modern Middle East.

Includes photographs and maps.

Author Biography

Samuel M. Katz and has written more than twenty books and over 100 articles on Middle East security issues, international terrorism, police and military special operations. His articles have appeared in "Playboy," "Esquire," and "Jane's Intelligence Review," He is editor-in-chief of "Special Ops "and has created documentaries for the Discovery Channel, A&E, and The Learning Channel.


Praise for The Ghost Warriors "An engrossing, if very disturbing, chronicle of a successful program of counterterrorism."--Booklist

"An action-packed, nondidactic examination of how Israel's special operation units rose to the challenge of the Palestinian intifada...A detailed book that is refreshingly full of sound research."--Kirkus Reviews

Praise for Samuel M. Katz's previous books

"A riveting read."--Booklist

"Detailed profiles of the men and processes involved, and a moment-by-moment account of the planning and execution of an elaborate raid. . . .provides important details of a case that police considered a tragically ignored wake-up call."--Publishers Weekly

"A gripping first-hand narrative."--The Huffington Post

"Heart-stopping, minute-by-minute detail . . .A tale of valor on the ground."--Graydon Carter, Vanity Fair

"This work by terrorist expert Katz is very descriptive, reading almost like a thriller such as John le Carre's The Little Drummer Girl."--Library Journal

"[An] authoritative account of a still-controversial spasm of anti-American violence."--Kirkus Reviews

"Tells the story of a Washington too blinded by politics to see the facts. A wonderful book."--Robert Baer, New York Times bestselling author of See No Evil

"A compelling read."--The Atlantic Wire

Product Details

Samuel M. Katz
Short Title
Berkley Books
Inside Israel's Undercover War Against Suicide Terrorism
Country of Publication
United States
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