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Wild about the Wrangler: A Sexy Texans Novel

by Vicki Lewis Thompson

ISBN: 9780451471406
"Signet eclipse contemporary romance"--Spine.
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ISBN: 9780451471406
"Signet eclipse contemporary romance"--Spine.


"Signet eclipse contemporary romance"--Spine.

Publisher Description

Expert rider Mac Foster's got it bad for Anastasia Bickford, but he's fighting it. Not only is she a friend-she's his boss's sister, making her the last person he should be lusting after. To make matters worse, she's creating a name for herself as an artist, and it's only a matter of time before the world comes knocking at her door.

Though Anastasia has a growing reputation for her vivid drawings of a legendary wild stallion they call the Ghost, she's never seen him. A secret fear of horses has forced her to rely only on photos. Since no one knows the Ghost better than Mac, he can help her overcome her fear by teaching her to ride. But in order to get closer to the stallion, she'll have to get closer to the man.

Praise for Vicki Lewis Thompson and her novels- 'Snappy, funny, romantic.' Carly Phillips,New York Timesbestselling author ofDare to Touch

'A trademark blend of comedy and heart.'Publishers Weekly

' For fans of contemporary romance with lots of heat, especially if they like themselves acowboy.'

'A sharp, sassy, sexy read.' Jayne Ann Krentz,New York Timesbestselling author ofRiver Road

Author Biography

Vicki Lewis Thompson lives in Tucson, AZ.


Praise for Vicki Lewis Thompson and her novels: "Snappy, funny, romantic."--Carly Phillips, New York Times bestselling author of Dare to Touch

"A trademark blend of comedy and heart."--Publishers Weekly

"[For] fans of contemporary romance with lots of heat, especially if they like themselves a cowboy."

"A sharp, sassy, sexy read."--Jayne Ann Krentz, New York Times bestselling author of River Road

Review Quote

Praise for Vicki Lewis Thompson and her novels:

Promotional "Headline"

Expert rider Mac Foster's got it bad for Anastasia Bickford, but he's fighting it. Not only is she a friend-she's his boss's sister, making her the last person he should be lusting after. To make matters worse, she's creating a name for herself as an artist, and it's only a matter of time before the world comes knocking at her door.

Excerpt from Book

PROLOGUE Anastasia waited until everyone was sound asleep before she crawled out of bed. Mommy said horses were dirty and smelly and no little girl of hers was ever getting on one. Oh, yes, she was. Her new stepsister, Georgie, got to ride her very own horse named Prince. Anastasia''s new daddy had a horse, too, and Georgie got to ride with him. It wasn''t fair. Riding didn''t look hard. You didn''t even need a saddle. Georgie sometimes climbed right up on Prince and rode off like girls in the movies. And Georgie had a whip. Her daddy--well, Anastasia''s daddy now, too--had taught Georgie to do tricks with it. Mommy said no little girl of hers would be doing tricks with a whip, either. Georgie got to do all the fun stuff. Quiet as a mouse, Anastasia went downstairs and out the back door. Maybe she should have put on shoes. Lots of rocks out here. Ouchy. But it wasn''t cold. She had to shove real hard to slide the piece of wood out of the way so she could open the barn door. She left it open because she''d be coming out again. On Prince. Her heart jumped around like a frog in her chest. A yard light helped her see what she was doing. The stall wasn''t easy to get open, either. But she finally got it. She reached up, took hold of Prince''s mane and tugged. "Come on, Prince." He came right out, almost knocking her over. "Stop!" He stopped, and she dragged a stool close to him. Getting on wasn''t so easy, either. And once she was sitting on his back, she was surprised to see how high off the ground she was. His back was wide and kind of slippery. Holding his mane, she kicked his sides. "Go!" He walked out of the barn and into the meadow. Her tummy turned somersaults. She was riding! But not very fast. She kicked him again, harder. "Go, go, go!" He did, and it was yucky. She bounced and bounced. "Stop!" But he only went faster! This wasn''t fun at all! Crying and screaming, she tried to hold on, but his neck was too big. She couldn''t reach around it. She yelled as loud as she could. "Noooooo!" Just like that, he stopped and she was in the air. When she landed a second later, she hit the ground hard, too hard. She couldn''t breathe. Her chest hurt. Oh, no. He was coming. The horse blew through his nose and his hooves were huge. "No!" She tried to scoot back. "No! Noooooo!" She scrambled backward and screamed until her throat hurt. He finally went away. She sat and shivered, afraid to make a noise, afraid to move as her heart thumped really loud. After a long time, she heard Georgie calling. She tried to answer, but it was a tiny sound. Her throat hurt so bad. Georgie called again, and she made another squeaky noise. Then she saw the flashlight bobbing along. But she heard something that made her whole body shake. Hoof beats. She made herself get up even though she ached all over. The bobbing light came closer. She saw Georgie riding her daddy''s horse and leading Prince with a whip around his neck. She backed away. But running was no use. She sucked in all the air she could. "No horses!" It wasn''t loud. But Georgie stopped. Then she climbed down. Holding the flashlight, she came over. "Oh, Anastasia. What were you thinking?" "No horses," she whispered. Georgie brushed dirt and pieces of grass away from her face. Then she ran her hands over her arms and legs. "You seem to be in one piece, but you''re in big trouble, kid." She imagined her mommy''s face, red and mad. "D-don''t tell." Georgie wiped away her tears with the tail of her shirt. "Shh. Don''t cry. I won''t tell, but we have to head back before somebody else wakes up. You can ride with me. Come on." "No!" She stumbled backward. "Come on. You have to get back somehow. I need to put these horses away and clean you up." "I''ll walk." "Just let me boost you up on--" "No!" Georgie sighed. "All right. Here''s the flashlight. Me and the horses will lead you home. I''ll go slow." She nodded and took the flashlight. "But someday you''ll have to get back on a horse, Anastasia. It''s what people do when they fall off." She looked at the two giant horses standing in the meadow and shivered. "No," she whispered. "Never." CHAPTER 1 Present day "Mac, you must be craving that cold beer." Travis hurried to keep up as they walked down Bickford''s main street after another successful trail ride. "You haven''t moved this fast since the time Vince snuck a tarantula into your shower." "And let the record show I haven''t forgiven him for that." But Mac modified his pace. Yeah, he was looking forward to sipping a cold one at Sadie''s Saloon, but he was more focused on showing Anastasia the new pictures on his phone. He''d snapped some beauties of the wild stallion and his herd on the overnight trail ride this weekend and Anastasia would go nuts over them. But he didn''t want Travis to know that was why he''d unconsciously lengthened his stride. Knowing Travis, he''d read too much into it. Anastasia Bickford was just a friend, and that''s the way it would always stay. In the short time he''d lived here, they''d established the kind of relationship where they could talk about anything. Anastasia was a talented artist, and with a creative mind like hers, the topics were never dull. "I like to savor my walk down Main Street after a trail ride," Travis said. "Makes me feel like a hero." He tipped his hat to a resident who walked by and called out a greeting. "People are grateful to us, Mac. I mean, just look at the difference we''ve made in this town." He gestured toward the colorful storefronts and the bustling tourist trade. "Just remember, Vince got the ball rolling, not us." "Yeah, but we keep it rolling." "True." Mac did take satisfaction in that as he gazed at the revitalized town. They were having a mild fall season, not much rain and not a hint of snow. Mac''s denim jacket kept him plenty warm in the evenings, and during the day he was in his shirtsleeves. Perfect weather for trail rides. Most shop windows displayed a poster version of Anastasia''s painting advertising Wild Horse Canyon Adventures. It was a great image, but then Anastasia was a great artist. The poster featured a majestic gray stallion against a blue Texas Panhandle sky. Mac couldn''t believe how much things had changed in Bickford in the last six months. He, Travis, and Vince had come to town then for a reunion, thinking they''d relive the fun times they''d had while working at a nearby guest ranch. They''d arrived to find stores boarded up and the town on the verge of collapse. After the guest ranch closed, the local economy had tanked, but Vince had saved the day with his brainstorm to offer trail rides into the canyon to see wild horses and their legendary leader, the Ghost. "The way I look at it," Travis said, "we guide the trail rides, right?" "Right." "And according to those online surveys Anastasia sends out, customer satisfaction is high." "So she says." He got a kick out of Anastasia''s excitement over those surveys. He also suspected she deleted the negative ones. "Which means we''re doing a helluva job and I''m gonna claim some credit. Hello, ladies." He touched the brim of his hat as they passed a couple of tourists laden down with shopping bags. "You oughta come on the trail ride," he called after them. "I lead it!" "Then we just might, cowboy!" one of them called back. Mac shook his head. The actual trail boss was the one bringing up the rear, which would be Mac, but Travis did love to flirt. "See? I just drummed up more business by being my usual outgoing self. You and I are vital to the success of this venture." "You certainly are. You should get a sandwich board and a bullhorn." "Nope. Doesn''t fit my cool-dude image. But speaking of sandwiches, I''m hungry." Travis paused at the entrance to Bickford''s refurbished ice-cream shop with its red-and-white-striped decor. "I have a hankering for a hot fudge sundae with extra fudge and nuts. Let''s do it." "You go right ahead. I''d rather have a cold beer." "We''ll have both. We''ll drink beer after we finish the sundaes." Mac grimaced. "You''re such a finicky eater, Mac Foster. Go ahead to Sadie''s. I''ll catch up with you after I have my primo sundae." "Suits me." "But don''t start the darts tournament until I get there." "Wouldn''t dream of it." In the late afternoons, they''d formed the habit of playing darts with Anastasia and anyone else who was interested. "I''ll just drink until you get there." "Perfect. I''ll be sharp and you''ll be sloshed." "As if that would keep me from beating you, amigo." Mac grinned and continued on to Sadie''s. He was just as glad Travis had decided to stop for ice cream. Talking to Anastasia about the pictures would be easier without Travis hanging over his shoulder making comments and doing his usual flirting. Travis wouldn''t ask her out, though, for the same reason he wouldn''t. Anastasia was Georgie Bickford''s little sis, and Georgie was officially in charge of Wild Horse Canyon Adventures. Vince had dreamed up the idea but he hadn''t wanted to run the thing. He hadn''t even planned on sticking around to see how the business worked out, but that was before he''d fallen for Georgie. So Georgie ran the operation, but Vince had become the official spokesperson for the venture, the one who handled the media. Surprisingly, there was media. A wild stallion and his band had turned out to be a story that had captured national attention. In fact, Vince was in Houston this weekend talking to an animal-advocacy grou

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Vicki Lewis Thompson
Short Title
Signet Book
Mass Market Paperback
Tucson, AZ, US
Sexy Texans Novel
A Sexy Texans Novel
Country of Publication
United States
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