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KeepCup Brew Cork (Press) - 340mL

Brand: KeepCup  

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"Made from fully tempered soda lime glass, the KeepCup Brew Cork Edition features a natural cork band. Made in Portugal using waste product from the wine cork manufacture, the band is beautiful to hold. Over time it’s patina will tell the story of your use.

We recommend that you do not remove the band, even for washing. Hand wash and let the band dry on the glass.

Design your own KeepCup colour combination and make your KeepCup unique.

  • For best results hand wash only.
  • Lid off can be heated to 100°C/ 212°F degrees.
  • Made from toughened soda lime glass – not unbreakable, but surprisingly durable.
  • Replacement parts available.

Due to the variation in the circumference of the blown glass, your lid is hand fitted to the glass and may not be compatible with other lids.

Press comes with a cork band, soft Charcoal lid (Pantone Black 7c) and latte plug (Pantone 7528c)."

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340mL / 12oz
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07 Jan, 2019
Got two of these for Christmas...kept them BOTH
By Laurie
04 Nov, 2018
I love my new cup, I take it everywhere! The thing I love most about it is the cork around the outside as it stops you struggling to hold it with the heat.
By Kim
24 Oct, 2018
Gave it as part of a birthday present to a male and he hasn't used a disposable coffee cup since!
By Yu
11 Sep, 2018
Great functional and elegant design
By Shreyas
24 Aug, 2018
Lovely the product. Great quality and nice colours :)
By Janine
04 Jul, 2018
Cup is easy to clean as it is glass, the lid & the movable open/close lid can be separated to wash as well.
The cork handle is easy to grab & wont burn your hands with your hot drinks, not heavy & easy to carry around
By Bo
31 Jul, 2018
Very stylish and sophisticated look, especially with the cork. Only complaints are that it doesn't keep the drink warm as it obviously doesn't have any thermal insulation. And the lid can also be a bit tricky to manoeuvre off without fear of the glass breaking if too much forced is used. Otherwise do like using this product as sipper is a good depth in the cup lid and also a good shape for sipping from.
By Sarah
02 Apr, 2019
By Emma
03 Jan, 2019
By Melissa
06 Nov, 2018
By Gillian
12 Sep, 2018
By Danielle
11 Sep, 2018
By Nicole
11 Jul, 2018
By Sarah
04 Jul, 2018
By Gemma
11 Jul, 2017
By Renata
10 Nov, 2018
By Tony
25 Dec, 2018
By Qilong
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