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FreeFOD Low FODMAP Garlic Replacer

Brand: FreeFOD  

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Replace 1 medium onion with 1 teaspoon of FreeFOD onion replacer in any recipe. Sprinkle through the product and mix well, under heat if possible. Add to water or solid based foods and avoid adding to oil like many recipes show. Simply add later in the cooking process in this situation.

1 pack is equivalent to the flavour strength of 20 onions (72g).

Features and Benefits – Certified Low FODMAP by FODMAP Friendly – Can be used in a wide range of cooking applications – soups, sauces, pasta, curry, meat rubs, and everything in between – Water soluble – can be used where infused oils can’t – Vegan – Strong onion flavour – 1 teaspoon equivalent to 1 medium onion (This product gives a raw onion flavour and will not suit some recipes where onion changes flavour under different cooking conditions) – Produced with no major allergens* – Wheat/gluten, Nuts, Dairy, Soy, Egg, Fish/shellfish

*We have added a ‘may contain traces of peanuts, other nuts, gluten, dairy and soy’ on our packaging as these allergens are present on the factory lines running other products, but not in our ingredients. It is unlikely allergen suffers would have a reaction to FreeFOD’s onion replacer unless they were of a high sensitivity. This product is suitable for those with gluten intolerance.


Servings size 3.6g
Servings per pack 20

AVERAGE QUANTITY PER SERVING / AVERAGE QUANTITY PER 100g Energy: 60.2kj / 1671kj Protein: <0.1g / 0.5g Fat: <0.1g / 0.1g – Saturated <0.1g / <0.1g Carbohydrates: 3.2g / 89.7g – Sugars <0.1g / 1.8g Fibre: <0.1g / 0.4g Sodium: 2mg / 48mg

Ingredients: Maltodextrin, Natural Flavour (Garlic)

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05 Aug, 2022
Good product, easy to use and strong packaging makes it easy to store.
By Roslyn
22 Mar, 2022
Full.of flavour
By Lauren
25 Dec, 2021
This product is amazing it taste garlic in every way.
By Donna
27 Apr, 2021
Great alternative < thanks
By Donna
29 Jan, 2021
Just love the taste. I do feel I loose some in the packaging. It’s difficult to get out the last little bits
By Vicki
21 Apr, 2021
The powder is way too fine. Just opening and closing the pouch sends garlic powder throughout the house. It's in everything - the lounge, bed sheets, towels, book shelf etc. It's impossible to avoid this from happening as it's just so light.
By Luke
08 Jun, 2022
By Stacey
16 Sep, 2021
By Anglicare-
03 Apr, 2021
By Darren
15 Feb, 2021
By Annette
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