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BMS Science Lab Kit - Plant Growth Experiment

by BMS

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The Science Lab Biochemistry collection is here to show children just how much fun the world of science can be. They can conduct many different experiments with real scientific equipment as they learn all about the fascinating world of plants with this Science Lab Plant Growth Experiment Kit.

Learning and having fun is what Science Lab is all about. With this set children can build their very own hydroponic growth stand. They can then use LED lights and different nutrients to conduct experiments and see what differences occur in the growth of plants. It is very fun stuff and a fantastic way to help a child think more about the world around them. They will learn how plants grow, but they will also learn how they can lend a helping hand to make plants grow in different ways. It is very interesting stuff and the included booklet will break down each step of the process which will help them develop a real understanding.

Included in the Science Lab Plant Growth Experiment Kit are many different pieces of scientific equipment. With these children will feel like a real scientist as they conduct their experiments and record their findings. It is the perfect set for anyone looking to help inspire a child to take an interest in the world of science.

Key Features:

Science Lab Plant Growth Experiment Set

Children will learn about how plants grow

The LED lights make experimenting on the plants a lot of fun

It is a great way to help a child take an interest in science

Many interesting pieces of scientific equipment are included

It is heavily influenced by STEM learning

Weight - 0.35 kg

Dimensions - 22.20 x 24.00 x 6.30 cm

For Ages - 8+

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