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IQ ideas Toppletree

by IQ ideas

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Toppletree merges the game play of Jenga and Connect Four, while allowing players to create a day-glo sculpture while they play.

To set up, each player takes 18 pieces in a single color - a dozen single pieces and six "double" pieces that fork - and the green base is placed on the table. On a turn, a player adds one of her pieces to the tree by placing it on the nub protruding from the base or the nub on any other piece already attached to the base. A player can use only one hand and cannot support the tree while placing a piece. A player cannot place a double piece on a double piece of her own color, but she may cap an opponent's double piece.

If the tree falls over, the player who added the most recent piece loses. Otherwise, the game ends when a player places four pieces of her color in a row, with this player winning the game.

Players: 2 - 4 Play Time: 10 Min Suitable for ages 4 & up

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IQ ideas
Minimum Age
4 Years

Product Reviews

17 Jul, 2018
By Kate
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