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Wild Science Worm Farm

by Wild Science

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Wild! Science Collectible Science Kits with Attitude! Bring the wild indoors with the coolest range of creature habitats know to mankind! Connectable, collectible sets let you build as big as your imagination will allow! Easy, illustrated, full color instruction manuals written in a way that let kids have fun with science. Safe, high-quality, fully compliant materials. Each kit contains instructions on collecting your own ants or worms OR how to purchase them online. This worm farm teaches children about earthworms and their importance in our ecosystem. Grow vegetation and create a Worm's ecosystem! High quality large volume worm colony with privacy shutters to bring worm tunnels close to view. Plant seeds and grow vegetation in soil strata separated by colored sand horizons to track worm activity. Discover the amazon abilities of worms in a series of safe and humane experiments using real worms. For ages 6 years and up.

  • Hands on science fun!
  • Teaches children about earthworms and their importance in our ecosystem
  • Grow vegetation and watch how earthworms move soil and help the plants to grow
  • Removable privacy screens for the side of the habitat allow you to see how the earthworms live
  • Includes tank, 2 packets of colored sand, tweezers, pipette and 24 page booklet

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Wild Science

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30 Oct, 2017
By D.P.
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