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Ollie and Augustus

by Gabriel Evans

  • Hardcover
PUBLISHED: 1st September 2019
ISBN: 9781760650711
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  • Hardcover
PUBLISHED: 1st September 2019
ISBN: 9781760650711

Publisher Description

A funny, heartwarming story about little Ollie's determination to make sure his great big dog Augustus is okay when he's at school.

Ollie was small - like a pickling jar or a shoe box. Augustus was big - like a fridge or a table.

They did most things together, including cycling, painting, dressing up, digging (Ollie's favourite thing) and stick collecting (Augustus's favourite thing). But Ollie is about to start school, and he has one major concern: who will keep Augustus company? He decides to search for a playmate for his enormous companion, but good friends are hard to find, especially for your best mate. In the end, Augustus shows Ollie that he doesn't mind waiting for him and that he can enjoy his time at school, worry-free.

Author Biography

Gabriel Evans grew up in a country town next to a river. He was always drawing on scraps of paper and building inventions from his 1920's Boy's Book of Hobbies. His dream was to be a train driver with a blue hat, a circus master with a curly moustache, or an illustrator. At the age of 17, he became a children's book illustrator, and he hasn't stopped working since.

Aspects of this book were inspired by Gabriel's rescue Border Collie who thinks she is bigger than she is.


Ollie and Augustus is a adorable story of a boy and his (canine) bestie. Beautiful language with beautiful illustrations. Ollie and Augustus is a winner! Blog of Dad The text is sparse and well supported by the individual illustrations. The end papers are crammed with entertaining snapshots of the pair's shared adventures...Even better are the gently satirical versions that accompany Ollie's highly idealised advertisement but which still convey such a heartening impression of reliable companionship and dependable solidity. Magpies Gabriel's accomplished balance between words and pictures highlights the true magic that can be created in a picture book. Highly recommended. Kids' Book Review Ollie and Augustus is a lovely book to read to children who are about to start school. Many worry about what their mother may do without them. They also worry how they will cope without their primary caregiver. This book gives them hope that everything will be okay. Glam Adelaide The style is more assured in its minimalism than Evans' earlier illustrations for other authors' texts, while still retaining the energetic personality and quirks of expression that bring so much detail and character (especially in Ollie's face) to his work. Ollie and Augustus is highly recommended for those aged two and up. Books and Publishing

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Gabriel Evans
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Gabriel Evans
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