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Changing the Game

Author: Graham Christie and Michael Vullings  

  • Paperback
ISBN: 9780730389132
The Complete and Comprehensive Guide to Business Transformation
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  • Paperback
ISBN: 9780730389132
The Complete and Comprehensive Guide to Business Transformation


The Complete and Comprehensive Guide to Business Transformation

Author Biography

MICHAEL VULLINGS is a corporate executive and leader in the field of business transformation, with a track record of achieving breakthrough results, leading change, and transforming organisations.

GRAHAM CHRISTIE is an expert on customer-led transformation and has advised numerous corporations on change and transformation strategies, corporate innovation and entrepreneurship.

Back Cover

THE COMPLETE AND COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION Transformation has become mission critical across all industries. Changing the Game presents a holistic approach for managers and executives to reshape, retool, and reimagine their organisations for today. In this playbook, transformation experts Michael Vullings and Graham Christie reveal a comprehensive and immediately-actionable approach to leading a transformation of a company, function or team, identifying the core areas of focus and pinpointing the actions, decisions and strategies necessary for achieving stellar results. With international case studies, and featuring expertise from leading global executives, learn the five-step process to pilot your business' transformation. Discover how to: generate company-wide buy-in from key stakeholders and teams design, manage and deliver a successful company transformation apply thorough strategies for the end-to-end transformation journey harness and apply ready-to-use tools and templates create a dramatic results-focused change in company performance. Fit for organisations of all types and sizes, Changing the Game is filled with practical and invaluable strategies to help your organisation adapt to the digital world, bring a dramatic change in company performance, and empower executives to lead with confidence.

Promotional "Headline"

Changing the Game: The Playbook for Leading Business Transformation is an invaluable step-by-step blueprint for executives, managers, teams, and consultants involved in devising and executing transformation programs.

Publisher Description

As digital technologies and consumer expectations continue to disrupt almost every industry sector, companies are placing greater emphasis on developing and implementing transformation programs. Changing the Game offers the practical knowledge required to create a dramatic step-change in company performance. Designed for executives and managers responsible for a transformation in any type of company and situation, this comprehensive real-world playbook covers the change process from start to finish — from assessing the situation and determining strategic priorities, to developing a roadmap, establishing the governance structure, managing initiative delivery, and evaluating the impact of the transformation.

Adopting a robust and pragmatic approach to every stage of business transformation, this authoritative volume explains where to start, identifies key areas of focus, and describes the strategies, decisions, and actions necessary for achieving results. Throughout the text, case studies of leading organizations highlight essential tools and approaches, examine key challenges, and evaluate their impact. A wealth of practical tools help readers build a foundation for change in their organization, define a clear path forward, mobilize teams, assign responsibilities, execute initiatives, track progress, sustain momentum, and more.

Provides detailed guidance on envisioning, designing, managing, and delivering a successful company, function or team transformation Enables readers to create a dramatic change in company performance with a results-focused approach based on leading management practices Contains more than 20 in-depth sections representing the entire transformation journey Includes numerous ready-to-use tools and templates, including 50 exhibits, that can be adopted in any organization to accelerate results Features tips and advice from top-level executives at leading companies and government organizations

Table of Contents

Foreword ix Acknowledgements xiii Preface xv Introduction xvii Crisis as a catalyst for change xviii An integrated approach to transformation xx 1: Take stock 1 Assess current situation 2 Ensure near-term funding 3 Secure early wins (quick wins) 5 Mobilise a top team 9 2: Create the mandate 19 Understand the current situation 21 Determine external outlook 27 Evaluate company impacts and base case 30 3: Map the journey 39 Define aspirations 42 Explore strategic options 49 Determine strategic priorities 61 Develop initiatives and roadmap 68 Outline future operating model and organisation 74 Consolidate financial impact 82 4: Mobilise 99 Create foundations for successful change 102 Establish governance structure 114 Set up transformation office 115 5: Execute and track 123 Set up initiatives and design detailed solutions 126 Build delivery schedule and assign responsibility 128 Ensure resources to lead, deliver and track 133 Conduct proof-of-concepts, prototypes and pilots 134 Manage initiative delivery 137 Close out initiatives 147 Evaluate impact of transformation against targets 150 Appendix I: Diagnosing company performance 155 Appendix II: Monitoring and improving cash flows 165 Appendix III: Defining aspirations in a workshop 171 Endnotes 175 About the authors 177 Index 179

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Graham Christie, Michael Vullings