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Your Difference Is Your Strength

A Guide to Accepting Yourself—for Anyone Who Has Ever Felt Out of Place

Author: Kris Ferraro  


You were made to be extraordinary, so get going!

A guide to accepting yourself and thriving in your strength.

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You were made to be extraordinary, so get going!

A guide to accepting yourself and thriving in your strength.

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You were made to be extraordinary, so get going!Your Difference is Your Strength is a book for anyone and everyone who has ever felt out of place, misunderstood, or just...different. It's the book for the kid who was too creative or too shy or too "weird" and who grew up into an adult who still isn't quite sure where they fit in or if they even want to. It's a book for you.In Your Difference is Your Strength, Kris Ferraro, author of Manifesting, invites the oddballs and underdogs of the world to stop hiding, minimizing, or disguising their differences and instead embrace them in a powerful new way. It's a fearless, joyful call to finally be who you actually are in a world that seems to demand uniformity.Filled with real life examples, personal stories, journal prompts, and practical wisdom, Your Difference is Your Strength will help you identify your own genre-defying brand of "weird" and harness that power in your outlook, your relationships, your work, and your life.

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Critic Reviews

"Ideal for those seeking a shot of confidence and permission to be themselves."
--Publishers Weekly

"I wish I'd read this book years ago. It might have spared me a thousand journal pages and a wad of therapy bills. In this book, you will find the healing of being acknowledged, seen, and encouraged. You will find techniques that help you regain your power. This bold, fun, brilliant book is the permission you may have needed to be the most audacious, wondrous version of yourself."
--from the foreword by Tama Kieves, author of Thriving Through Uncertainty and A Year Without Fear

"Welcome to the new normal, where being weird and different are superpowers. This heartwarming, personable account of her journey is inspiring and challenging in the perfect ways and generously full of supportive resources. Kris Ferraro guides readers into profound self-acceptance, understanding and celebration, offering a formula for how to rewire our most common cultural and social conditioning to reveal more authenticity, creativity and true connection. A must-read for pioneers, visionaries and all desiring to feel and be more themselves everywhere."
--Sydney Campos, bestselling author, visionary, and transformational healer

"We have all felt out of place from time to time. Kris Ferraro takes the shame out of being (feeling different) and turns it into a superpower strength. Her book, Your Difference is Your Strength, is a brilliant collection of healing tools and transformative exercises. Kris does a fabulous job spinning the idea that being "different" as wrong or weak into an incredible attribute for strength."
--Sherianna Boyle, author of Emotional Detox Now

"Oh my. WHAT A BOOK! This is the book I have been waiting for. In Your Difference Is Your Strength Kris Ferraro answers the question many of us have: why am I different? The relatable stories that are interwoven with wisdom and insight truly make this a love letter to everyone who has ever felt different. There are practical go-to strategies to claim your trailblazing self, so you have something tangible to use right now. I wish every teenager reads this book, to step into their power as early as possible. It is a game changer in the self-development field, and I can't recommend this enough!"
--Dr. Peta Stapleton, Associate Professor in Psychology, Bond University, author of The Science Behind Tapping and Memory Improvement Through EFT Tapping

"If you were told (by people who aren't misfits OR trailblazers), 'just be yourself, ' and you find yourself looking for a guide who's been there and done that, someone who will help you not just through example, but with practices that you can make your own, Kris Ferraro's Your Difference Is Your Strength is the book for you. She is a fiercely loving and relatable role model and teacher. This book is a joyful, full body YES!"
--Karen C. L. Anderson, M2T, master-certified life coach, and author of You Are Not Your Mother: Releasing Generational Trauma & Shame

"ALL HAIL THE QUEEN OF THE MISFITS! Kris Ferraro takes us on an empowering journey for the Age of Aquarius, the astrological sign of the sacred rebel. Your Difference Is Your Strength is the much-needed manifesto for anyone who has ever felt like an outsider, offering ways to responsibly own your misfit identity as well as empowering reflections of other notables who like you, dear misfit, were dismissed from the mainstream for their magnificent unique way of being. If you have been holding yourself back in any area of life because you don't fit in, this book will remind you how much of a treasure you are!"
--Ilona Pamplona, astrology-informed life coach and author of This Journal is Your Mood Ring

"Listen up, kindred fish out of water, odd men out, lone wolves and square pegs: the permission slip to be yourself - the one you've been waiting for your whole life - has come at last. Weaving personal anecdotes, case examples and journal prompts, Kris brings us through a process in which we, her readers, find belonging in the last place we thought to look: our own skin. While many books promise this by offering a compass that points reliably north, Ferraro gifts the rest of us a compass where the needle dances erratically, defying the conventional pull of normal, leading to uncharted territory and unexplored paths. In other words, Your Difference is Your Strength offers a magnificent, scenic, authentic road home. One would do well to travel it."
--Catherine A. Duca, LCSW, psychotherapist, speaker, trainer and author of Unmasked: Discover the Hidden Power of Your True Self

"This book is a powerful gem, brimming with riveting misadventures and lessons of various misfits on their tender and often rocky road to respected trailblazers. If you find yourself grappling with self-doubt, self-criticism, insecurities or not 'fitting in, ' you will relate to the sensitive stories told by a boldly candid Kris Ferraro about herself, about a host of gifted performers and about revered historical legends. The book has the wisdom of a self-help book, but the exciting, quick read of a novel. The take-away: You are not alone. Lean into your unique differences as your superpower and strength."
--Robin Bilazarian, LCSW, DCEP, national psychotherapist trainer, researcher, psychotherapist, and author of Tapping the Mighty Mind - for Stress, Conflict and Pain

"Kris Ferraro grants permission to anyone who's felt like an outsider to hoist their freak flag to the top of the pole and fly it proudly. This wonderful book offers a message of hope, empowerment, and self-acceptance along with tools and practices that are truly life changing. I wish this had been written decades earlier. I related to so many parts of Kris's story. It certainly would have been a lifeline for me as an anxious and painfully awkward adolescent and young adult. Instead of offering hacks, adjustments and solutions designed to help you to blend into the crowd, Kris shares resources and exercises that invite us to turn up the volume, dial up the color and claim even more space in the world. She reminds us why embracing our truest, biggest and most quirky selves is essential and needed on our planet. Thank you, Kris Ferraro, for writing the love letter for all us freaks. This book belongs in every library, high school guidance counselors' office and college bookstore in the world."
--Jennifer Elizabeth Moore, author of Empathic Mastery, host of the Empathic Mastery Show podcast, and Master Trainer for EFT International

"This book is a love letter. To every one of us that's ever felt out-of-step, out-of-bounds and disconnected from the mainstream expectations we've been held to most of our lives. What a joyous relief to hear that the very same unconventional things about you that landed you in the soup growing up... are most probably the very best things about you! If you're having trouble giving yourself permission to Be Who You Really Are, you'll find camaraderie and courage on every page. Liberating, funny, and practical, the tales and experiential exercises offer a flexible and fun roadmap to my favorite hashtag...#BetterNewNormal. For all of us whose hearts, like Kris Ferraro's, have been deemed 'Too Big, ' I encourage you to take another look. All aboard to find an embrace of your difference that brings an abiding sense of wholeness, in safe, loving company."
--Jondi Whitis, Master Trainer for EFT International and author of Emotional First Aid for Children & EFT Training for Mastery

"You now hold in your hands a magickal talisman that will transform your life. Your Difference Is Your Strength is for all of us who were convinced from childhood that we were misfits - the creatives, visionaries, and divinely-connected weirdos. It turns out that, in truth, we are just what the world needs most. This empowering and inspiring book is here to support you as you reclaim your power. Kris Ferraro is like a kind, sassy older sister who's been there and done that. She skillfully shares her wild stories, wise inspiration, and deep encouragement in this wonderful manifesto for all of us freaks. Dive in and learn to embrace your unique self. Become a trailblazer. It'll feel better, and you'll be contributing to the upleveling of humankind."
--Nikki Starcat Shields, book midwife, writing retreat host, and author of The Heart of the Goddess and The Elements of Creativity

"We are told over and over again that the key to happiness is to follow our bliss. The problem with that sort of advice is it is a pleasant aphorism, but it isn't actually helpful. That is where Your Difference Is Your Strength comes in. Kris Ferraro shares honest heartfelt advice on how to know who we actually are at our core and how to live that out in our daily lives. She doesn't candy coat the fact that finding our authentic voice in the world is a process and work, but it is work that is so worthwhile. When we do the work not only are out lives better, but the world is a better place because we are sharing our authentic selves. This is a must-read for anyone who knows they move to beat of their own drummer but want to share that beat with the world."
--Gene Monterastelli, editor of and host of the Tapping Q & A podcast

"This book is a valuable roadmap that will help anyone who has ever felt like they were 'different' in any way, process their pain, step into their innate power, and claim their unique gifts!"
--Bonnie Durkin, empowerment coach, energy alignment practitioner, and author of The Appreciation Game: A 30-Day Process to Increase Happiness, Satisfaction & Well-Being!

"An anthem for those of us who feel like we're from the island of misfit toys. Kris Ferraro lovingly scripts the balm for every soul that's been bullied, left out, and left behind. With tools, practices, and stories for the chronically unheard and unseen, I recommend this book for every person who has ever looked for their circle, who has ever felt the sting of loneliness and longed to tap into a source of light and inspiration and hope that resonates within long after you put this book down. This book is a warm, bright light held high by Kris. I invite you to follow her beautiful writing to the place where you belong, your beauty is highlighted, and you've found your people."
--Britt Bolnick, successful biz owner, magician, and bestselling author of The Magick of Bending Time in Your Sacred Business

"Your Difference Is Your Strength is for all of us who have ever felt like the misfit or the outsider. This book is the friend we wished we'd had whose loving shines a light on all that makes us unique and turns our pain into our power."
--John O'Neill, Broadway music director

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About the Author

Kris Ferraro is an author, International Energy Coach, teacher, and sought-after speaker. Leaving a lengthy career in social services to guide others in the energy and metaphysical practices she had used to heal herself, Kris empowers others through the profound promise that everyone can move from surviving to thriving. Having spent dozens of years studying Shamanism, mysticism, Jungian philosophy, New Thought, and Shadow work, along with a serious study in all things energy, Kris found the common threads woven throughout. She is the creator of Spiritual Freedom Techniques, a series of processes that combine spiritual practices and principles with energy balancing for super charged transformation.

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St Martin's Press
20th November 2023


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