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Imperfect Arrangements

The Uplifting and Heartwarming Love Stories of Three Sister-Friends

Author: Mensah Williams Frances Mensah Williams  

A novel set in contemporary Ghana exploring the romantic relationships of three professional women and their partners

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A novel set in contemporary Ghana exploring the romantic relationships of three professional women and their partners

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There are two sides to every story...

In the sun-soaked capital of Ghana, best friends Theresa, Maku and Lyla struggle with the arrangements that define their relationships.

Ambitious, single-minded Theresa has gambled everything to move with her loving husband Tyler from London to cosmopolitan Accra. But when shocking developments threaten their plans, they also expose the hidden cracks in their fairytale marriage.

Feisty Maku is desperate for professional recognition - and her dream white wedding. But how long can she wait for her laid-back partner Nortey to stop dreaming up pointless projects from the comfort of his local bar and stand up to his family?

Churchgoing Lyla married Kwesi in haste, and six years later she is desperate for a child. But while she battles a vicious mother-in-law, and her growing attraction to the mysterious Reuben, her husband has bitten off more than he can chew with his latest mistress.

Facing lies, betrayal, and shattered illusions, each couple must confront the truth of who they have become and the arrangements they have enabled. Against the backdrop of a shifting culture, each woman must decide what - and who - she is willing to sacrifice for the perfect marriage.

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Critic Reviews

'The beautiful, tropical backdrop is the ideal setting for this tale that is crammed with realistic, complex characters. It is an easy-to-read exploration of modern love and relationships. I very much enjoyed this brilliantly written novel.' - Dorothy Koomson, bestselling author of The Ice Cream Girls and Tell Me Your Secret

'In Imperfect Arrangements, Frances Mensah Williams slices through the lives of three couples and presents a witty, true, and, sometimes, heartbreaking portrayal of married life in Accra, Ghana.' - Ayesha Harruna Attah, author of Harmattan Rain and The Hundred Wells of Salaga

'This novel is a celebration of sisterhood. You'll cheer on Theresa, Lyla and Maku as they navigate life in modern Accra, dealing with difficult bosses, feckless husbands and dubious mother-in-laws. You won't want to put the story down till it ends.' - Chibundu Onuzo, author of The Spider King's Daughter and Welcome to Lagos

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Frances Mensah Williams
6th March 2020


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